Bolivia Unit of Service

Banner for the Great Invocation

We have created a giant banner of the Great Invocation which we exhibited in a central place in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

We got the authorization to place another banner, not as big as the one shown, in an International Business Fair and Exhibition. It was an event very well attended by people from different countries and lasted for three days. To get the funds, we started a “One Dollar Campaign”, to which every co-worker gave a dollar to help cover the expenses.

Now we are planning to extend this initiative to other cities in our country.

In June [2009], we were able to put the giant banner of the Great Invocation in a busy area of the city, to be seen by many people.

A couple from our group offered the roof of their private home to exhibit the Great Invocation, permanently, and pay for the electricity to keep it illuminated at night. The house is wonderfuly located at the foot of the hill of "El Cristo de la Concordia" (Christ of Peace), the tallest and highest statue of Christ in South America (and quite likely, in the world), on Galindo Ave. which leads to a prestigious university, two schools and one Technical Education Institute. This is an area vibrant with young people and we have seen many standing in front of it, copying the Great Invocation into their notebooks. [-] View project photo gallery