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Ponder on This - Playaway-audio

Ponder on This,
on a Playaway(TM) MP3 Player,

comes complete with earbuds and two AAA batteries.

Sale price: $15.00

Regular price: $35.00

Only available in the U.S.A

Pre-loaded MP3 player, ISBN 978-85330331-2, running time: 29 hours

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Ponder on This on a Playaway(TM) MP3 Player is a self-contained, digital, audio book that is the size of a credit card. It is easily portable for convenient listening anywhere you go.

The Playaway(TM) MP3 Player is preloaded with the audio book Ponder on This. It is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a portable digital player but wants one that is easy to use – just insert the battery provided, press "play" and listen to the audio book (no downloading is required).

Only available in the U.S.A