Three Spiritual Festivals 2012

Dear friend,

What is it about predictions that so rivets the human imagination? The claims swirling about the Mayan predictions for 2012 are generating enormous attention and a wide range of responses running the gamut from the credulous to the incredulous. The Ageless Wisdom, and the writings of Alice Bailey in particular, make no reference to the 2012 predictions. However, they do confirm that our planetary scheme is at the approximate midway point in its evolution, just at the turning point where a balance must be struck, a reorientation achieved and new values established. In such a period, it’s not surprising that human minds are galvanised by a sense of the significance and the turbulence of this period in history. It can be viewed passively as a looming crisis over which humanity has no control, or it can be recognised as an opportunity to effect a sounder distribution of the powerful energies which the new age is releasing upon our planet.

To determine the exact moment when this midway point is reached is far beyond human measurements. What we do know for certain is that, in this second solar system, the quality of the second divine aspect, Love, is being perfected. Such is humanity’s present understanding of love that it is associated with attributes of emotional warmth and personal attachment, which is not surprising given the past 2,000 years of conditioning by the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism. On a higher level, however, divine Love manifests under the great Law of Attraction as the impulse to unification and amalgamation, to synthesis, inclusiveness, and identification with what was formerly perceived as "the other". And we can see these urges working out in societies across the globe, demonstrating through movements in diverse societies for greater freedom and equality.

At the same time, a powerful impulse that would separate and divide, sow suspicion, hatred and fear of differences, is also visible and apparently growing stronger. In case these forces of separation discourage us, it is reassuring to know that "It is the theme of relationship which is the basic pattern in the evolutionary process of unfoldment in this, the second solar system", Alice Bailey said. Within the scheme of relationships which constitute the great Chain of Being that comprises our planet and its place within the solar system, humanity occupies a unique position of responsibility. This, we should keep in mind, should not be seen as an indication that humanity is of greater importance than the other kingdoms with which it shares the planet. Rather, as the middle point in evolution humanity holds the key to the evolution of all life. Through its peculiar and specific type of awareness, the human kingdom is able to relate the higher and lower expressions of the one Life.

This capacity, demonstrating through a group strong enough to act as a mediator, a bridge, can help to stabilize humanity during a period when certain great decisions are being made. The widespread sense that we are reaching a turning point is founded in the esoteric recognition that our planet is facing a crisis so sweeping that it is affecting even the highest levels of existence upon our planet, in preparation for the attaining of a new balance. The timing of this crisis was underscored in a passage from the writings of Alice Bailey dated February 1949 which spoke of "the finality of the decision which the next two generations will be forced to make". If a generation is approximately 25 to 30 years, that time of decision is now.

The new group of world servers is the name given in the Alice Bailey writings to the subjective network of servers who act as a mediating group, a bridge, between the Hierarchy and humanity. Its members are all those men and women of intelligent goodwill who are actively engaged, consciously or unconsciously, in serving the divine Plan. This group includes representatives in all fields of human endeavour who are working to establish right human relations and to bring in the new ideas on which a sounder, more integrated world, in which the forces of spirit and matter are more correctly balanced, must be based.

Later this year a special Festival Week will be observed between 21-28 December, with meetings being planned in all three headquarters centres for Saturday, 22 December. Our next bi-annual mailing, scheduled for September, will contain more information about this week and ways in which you can help to celebrate it. For now, our attention is focused on the opportunity of the upcoming three spiritual Festivals and the Arcane School conference. The dates for these meetings, which you and your friends are warmly invited to attend, are:

  • Easter Festival (Aries full moon) – April 5 (New York), April 6 (London and Geneva)
  • Arcane School conference in New York – May 5-6
  • Wesak Festival (Taurus full moon) – May 5
  • Arcane School conference in Geneva – May 26-27
  • Arcane School conference in London – June 2-3
  • Christ’s Festival (Gemini full moon) – June 3
  • World Invocation Day – June 4

The keynote of the Arcane School conference this year: Let the "bridge of souls and servers" link the subjective and objective worlds, thus aiding the Christ in his work. At Wesak, the great alignment generated by the Buddha and the Christ and reaching up to those Lives Who brood over humanity, can enable the release of powerful beneficent Forces into our world if the new group of world servers fulfils its mediatory work as the linking bridge between the spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity. The united meditation of esoteric groups throughout the world contributes immeasurably to the clarifying of this bridge in consciousness, and many groups hold meditation meetings for this purpose. Please check the Worldwide Network on our website ( or contact us for information on a group in your area. Or, if you would like to organise such a group, please see "Start a Meditation Group" ( for suggestions..

We look forward to the opportunities for group service in this important year with gratitude for your support and companionship.

In shared service,