July—September 2011

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The Quest for Identity - Editorial

Why should the search for a sense of who we really are be so problematic? Perhaps because the discovery of our true identity is, as is true of all achievements in consciousness, an unfolding process, not an isolated event.

The Five Groups of Souls - Part I — Djwhal Khul

S. T. Coleridge and Gerard Manley Hopkins - Part III—Michael Srigley
As Basil Willey notes, "In his later years Coleridge often regretted that he had not taken Holy Orders." If we are right, he did, as Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Sunrise - Because the Earth Turns — Peter Seebeck

What is the Underlying Relationship Between the Heart and the Mind?—Wendy Boyd
When the mind is subordinated to the heart, it allows itself to be tamed by the heart and so yields itself to the Master in the heart, and a heart-infused consciousness is created, opening a door into the higher mind and the intuition.

On Spiritual Individuality — J. S. Gordon
Plato reminds us that "all is remembrance". In other words, all consciousness—at all levels of being, no matter how high or how low—comprises the spectrum of Universal Mind.

Wolfgang Pauli - From Intellect to Intuition — Mintze van der Velde
Pauli and Jung became fascinated by the same thought: that there exists a deeper reality behind quantum physics which has the character of the unconsciousness. If this were true, then physics and depth psychology should be able to meet each other somewhere and hence penetrate deeper into the secrets of matter.

The Triangle of the Soul — Joseph Lovejoy
There is, as HPB states, "a centre of consciousness, a self-sentient and self-conscious centre; a state, not a conditioned individual". This idea of a centre of consciousness, a centre of force, is probably the shortest definition that can be framed of the word "soul".

Identification — Ginny M. DeAngelis
Identification is the anchor of thought that reveals the quality of individual consciousness.

The Uses of Distinction and Synthesis—A Student
It is necessary for the personal self to "know the difference" and to distinguish between. However, as the synthetic sense and appreciation of Oneness deepens and the individual becomes more sensitive to the inner causes and meanings, the outer differences fade in importance and the inner Life is increasingly revealed taking on greater importance in the soul’s Path.

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