Problems of Humanity Order Form

The printed study sets are offered free of charge to all who are concerned with human progress. Donations, which are needed to cover the cost of printing and postage, are accepted with gratitude. Any of the study sets may be obtained in one of three ways: by downloading them as PDF files (The free Adobe Reader is required - go to and printing them; by filling in the online order form below; or by writing to World Goodwill via this contacts page. Also available are a brief set of guidelines to facilitate group work with the study sets.

Download documents in PDF format

To download the appropriate file, "right-click" on the appropriate "[PDF]" link and select "Save Target as" or "Save link as" from the pop-up menu.

Set 1. Introductory Set -- [ PDF 436 kb]

Set 2. The Psychological Renewal of the Nations -- [ PDF 133 kb] Updated Spring 2007

Set 3. Children, Youth & Education -- [ PDF 136kb] Updated Winter 2005

Set 4. Capital, Labour & Employment -- [ PDF 182 kb] Updated Summer 2007

Set 5. Racial Minorities -- [
PDF 288 kb]

Set 6. The Churches & Organised Religion -- [ PDF 452 kb]

Set 7. International Unity -- [ PDF 234 kb]

Introduction to the Problems of Humanity

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Problems of Humanity Order Form