Videos from Lucis Productions feature programs on the Great Invocation, Triangles, World Invocation Day, Wesak Festival, and more.

The Intuition and Collaborative Leadership

A presentation by Mark Gerzon,
Founder and President of the Mediators Foundation.

Working with the Angels: Community Building in the Digital Age

A presentation by Rev. Tom Ravetz, Priest of The Christian Community.

The Sustainable Development Goals: A Collective Call For The Will

Jimena Leiva Roesch,
Policy Analyst with the International Peace Institute.

The Tree of Music

A presentation by Bette Stockbauer Harris,  Co-Director of the African Conservation Project in Tanzania

Art and Time

A presentation by Anders Lidén, Artist/Honorary President of the International Association of Art

Escaping the Rings of Time

A talk given at the 2016 Arcane School Conference by Christine Morgan, President of the Lucis Trust

Towards an Age of Light - Video

Exploring humanity’s developing relationship with light

The Cosmic Magnet

A talk given at the Wesak Festival in Taurus – May 2015 – New York by Christine Morgan, President of the Lucis Trust

The Perceiver on the Way by Kathy Newburn

The Perceiver on the Way – Humanity, Discipleship and the Fourth Ray.  Reflections on the coming fourth ray cycle by Kathy Newburn

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