interview with Sarah McKechnie

An interview with Sarah McKechnie on " Full Circle, Consciousness and New Age Music" was broadcast on February 2, 2003 on RTR FM 92.1 public radio in Western Australia.

The interview covers the worldwide work of the Lucis Trust and the Arcane School, as well as touching on the life and discipleship of Alice Bailey.

Full Circle is a two-hour weekly program exploring consciousness, spirituality and well being. Website:

The Interview in 11 Parts

1 Introduction
2 About Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey
3 About Alice Bailey (continued)
4 Alice Bailey's work with the Tibetan...the Arcane School
5 About the Arcane School (continued)
6 About work of World Goodwill
7 About Sarah McKechnie
8 Sarah McKechnie...(continued)
9 About the books by Alice Bailey
10 the books...(continued) and conclusion
11 Conclusion with music and The Great Invocation