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The Great Invocation: Its Use and Significance

The Great Invocation is spoken of as "peculiarly and essentially Christ’s Own Mantram", and a deeper understanding of this world prayer is of tremendous benefit to all disciples. This revised and updated booklet provides a starting point for further reflection on how the science of invocation can be used to tap into spiritual energies which will bring the Aquarian Age into being.


Great Invocation postcard

Great Invocation postcard featuring an image of the Earth

Great Invocation Adapted Postcard

Adapted Great Invocation postcard featuring an image of the Earth.

Great Invocation Greeting card

Greeting card, blank inside plus envelope

Triangles Card

4''x 6'' card highlighting the work and activities of Triangles, including a description of the work on the back.  Useful for promoting the work of Triangles.


Great Invocation Bookmark - original

Bookmark with lotus image

Great Invocation Bookmark Adapted

Bookmark with lotus image


Great Invocation Golden Lotus poster

11 x 17 inch (279 x 432 mm) poster  with golden lotus graphic image on dark background

Triangles poster

Poster featuring a painting by M. Bernard Pardo. with the Great Invocation below

Great Invocation - sticker large

11.5 x 3 inches / 279 x 80 mm bumper sticker "LET LIGHT AND LOVE AND POWER RESTORE THE PLAN ON EARTH" ....