Arcane School talk on The Electric Bridge, London 2008

  by Mintze Van der Velde


We will discuss some developments in the realm of science, which are particularly of interest from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom and electricity and magnetism.

Please note that although most of the information we will discuss has been published in official and renowned scientific journals, much of what we have to say is not yet “main stream” science. In moments of crises there is often resistance and confusion. Main stream science produces a lot of resistance, whereas “new” science too often is trapped by glamours of all kinds. Science will not rapidly admit to be in a crisis - it has invented a word for that: “paradigm shift.”Not all recent discussions about paradigm shifts, however, correspond with real shifts in scientific thinking. We hope to shed some light on the cross roads emerging in the scientific research of today.

As the title indicates, the focus will be on electricity (and magnetism). But also on the bridge: Electricity plays a role in many, if not all, areas of manifestation, and we will touch upon concepts as vast as galaxies in the sky as well as upon topics as small as cells in the human body.

To not get lost immediately we will first give some basics from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom.

Then we will explain what we mean by “the Electric Universe.”

And we will see what that implies for galaxies, our Sun, and our planet Earth.

Finally we will have a short look at its implications for the human cell.

The scientific community of today takes as premises of cosmology:

  • The evolution and current behaviour of the galaxies, stars and planets is mainly an effect of the laws of gravity. At high school you may have learned the laws of Sir Isaac Newton (classical gravitation) which were later extended by Albert Einstein to include special and general relativity.
  • The universe as such is electrically neutral. As gravitation governs the global behaviour of celestial bodies, there is no need to take electrical phenomena on board in our cosmology – the equations of general relativity are already complicated enough.
  • These equations, with some further assumptions, lead to a solution which implies the “ Big Bang.”The term “Big Bang” was originally proposed as a mockery by Sir Fred Hoyle, one of the opponents of the theory of the Big Bang. Science cannot explain what happened before the Big Bang (the laws of physics are said to simply break down there).
  • To keep the explanation of the current cosmology consistent with new observations, black holes were invented: objects which would absorb everything, even light. As some time later radiation was detected from the location where black holes were supposed to be, the theory was cleverly adapted.
  • Dark matter” was invented also to keep the observed velocities of certain objects in the universe in correspondence with the framework of gravitational cosmology. Concepts which were never seen or detected on earth, but are needed in order to explain recent observations. Currently one estimates that over 90% of the universe exists of this never seen dark matter (which by definition is not directly observable).

Historically the first observations were done in the window of visible light, which is only a small part of the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Now, with modern equipment, we can observe the sky in almost any area ranging from X rays to radio waves. With the amazing power and precision of modern telescopes like the Hubble telescope in the Sky and the Very Large Telescope in Chile we are now receiving images of the sky with constant surprise and amazement.

[Figure1: Spectrum, visible light]

[Рисунок 1: Спектр, видимый свет]

Not only in the vastness of the sky we have now super telescopes at our disposal. In the small, with the help of electronic microscopes, we can observe the cell with unimaginable precision. The cell is composed roughly of a membrane, a nucleus and the cytoplasm. And in the nucleus we find the genes, which contain the famous DNA cells. Please note here the spiral character of both the genes and the DNA molecules.

[Figure: Cell, chromosome, DNA]

[Figure 2: Cell, chromosome, DNA]

Cell biology tells us that much of our appearance and many of our diseases are related to the DNA.

And an enormous effort has been made to decipher the human genome.

In current medicine, including sometimes the field of psychology, many causes of observed effects are traced back to the DNA molecules of our cells.

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