Introduction, Objective and Method

"Mankind, made up of all the single men; in such a synthesis the labour ends."

Cleon, by Robert Browning

Introduction and Objective

Since the time of Isaac Newton, conventional science has been doggedly pursuing a ‘gravity only’ model of the universe, currently regarding it as a tomb of lifeless matter that exploded into being out of nothing and which is expanding at an accelerating rate in all directions without aim or purpose. These suppositions have been supported with increasingly exotic theories such as the Big Bang, General Relativity, Black Holes, Dark Matter/Energy and the like. Meanwhile, evidence to the contrary is steadily accumulating which supports instead the esotericist’s view of the universe as a living, stable organism, electrical in nature and function.

The electrical nature of universal processes runs as a theme throughout the Tibetan Master’s work via the writings of HP Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey which are intended to be bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates. This is likely to continue in the next phase of the Ageless Wisdom teachings too, preparing humanity for the energy of Love in its dynamic, electrical form which the Christ will employ when He reappears.

This electric aspect of Love will help lay the foundations for that "synthesis of all the single men" of which Browning spoke, and which is hinted at in the following passage from Esoteric Psychology vol I:

  "The seventh ray works in connection with the phenomena of electricity, through which all life in the solar system is coordinated and vitalised. There is an aspect of electrical phenomena which produces cohesion, just as there is an aspect which produces light…this will be released in fuller measure during the Aquarian age…One of its earliest effects will be the increased understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis." (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. I, pp 373-374)  

It is with the increased understanding of the science of brotherhood and the relationship between consciousness and electric phenomena that The Electric Bridge is concerned. It is dedicated to linking esoteric and exoteric science and to highlighting scientific discoveries that further reveal the electrical nature of reality and their relation to the Ageless Wisdom perspective. Understanding electricity is the key to integrating science into a unified whole and providing a magnetic foundation in which the Divine Plan can deepen its roots and future esoteric teaching can safely flourish.

We invite all who have an interest in science and philosophy to follow the steady development of Τhe Electric Bridge site, and join us in group reflection and occult brooding on the electrical interconnectedness of all life. The vivid thoughtform thus constructed can help stimulate scientific awakening and a long overdue revelation concerning humanity’s relationship with the universal whole. "The establishment of brotherhood as a definite fact in nature" may then follow as a natural corollary.


The Electric Bridge is a powerful symbol for serving in the fields of science and philosophy. As a service activity of the Arcane School, its aim is to help bridge the hiatus between esoteric and exoteric science through the language of electricity. It is the synthesising nature of electricity that will provide the foundation for a new Aquarian Science of Interconnectedness, enabling occultism to liaise with the science of the finite mind and demystify the divine nature of reality.

The following visual approach is suggested in conjunction with study of the Electric Bridge. It need not be a separate activity but rather a method of spiritual reading that can transform traditional study into a potent service:

  1. Visualise a line of lighted energy along with those created by other co-workers, penetrating into the science of the initiates and anchored in the science of humanity.
  2. Engage creatively with extracts from the presentation through occult brooding, building the resulting point of mental tension into this luminous bridge and strengthening the link between the two worlds of thought.
  3. Visualise the energy of the mysteries reverberating down the bridge, evoking new thinking in scientific circles on the electrical nature of reality.

The Electric Bridge is ultimately a symbol of the antahkarana, indicating the electrical nature of the path as portrayed in the Tibetan’s words below. The key to more advanced work with this service enterprise is to be found herein:

  "There appears a triangle on the mental plane, produced by manasic activity, and this triangle of fire begins slowly to circulate between the manasic permanent atom, and a point at the centre of the egoic lotus, and thence to the mental unit, which has appeared upon the fourth subplane through innate instinct approximating mentality. This triangle of fire, which is formed of pure electrical manasic force, waxes ever brighter until it produces an answering vibration from both the lower and the higher. This triangle is the nucleus of the antaskarana. The work of the highly evolved man is to reduce this triangle to a unity, and by means of high aspiration (which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter) turn it into the Path and thus reproduce in a higher synthetic form the earlier "path" along which the descending Spirit came to take possession of its vehicle, the causal body, and from thence again work through the lower personal self." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire p.709)  

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