Letting in the Light - March 2016

From the mid-1940s and up until 2025, a period of 80 years or so, and which has been termed the ‘Stage of the Forerunner’, humanity has been actively engaged in rebuilding the shrine of human living. This momentous and challenging period has been described as “preparatory in nature, testing in its methods, and intended to be revelatory in its techniques and results.” This 80-year cycle, if all goes according to plan, will set the stage for the first phase of the externalisation of the spiritual Hierarchy. Those great Lives of infinite and unconditional compassion Who walk in the hallowed Halls of Wisdom and Who tread the Path of Holiness are fitting themselves for “the objective work of public expression” and “to establish a closer telepathic rapport and a more intimate (though strictly impersonal) relationship with Their disciples on all rays, so that there can be a free interplay of thought and a consequent better hierarchical integrity and one which—no matter what may happen in the three worlds—cannot be disrupted or in any way lessened”.

It is not surprising, then, that these are acutely testing and critical times for the human family, and whilst remarkable progress has been achieved over the last few decades, there nonetheless has been a dramatic and emphatic rise in separative thinking, such as religious extremism, political nationalism and rampant materialism. The forces of separatism will always try to find ways and means to destabilise, to separate, and to create confusion and fear in the collective consciousness. These trends, whilst not necessarily unforeseen, are causing significant challenges to visionary statesmen and women, progressive religious leaders, people of goodwill, and of course to many millions of people, who are caught up in the midst of war, violence, economic deprivation and wholesale selfishness. These events, too, are creating an unprecedented migration of people (at least since the end of the second world war). Humanity, restless, insecure and bewildered in the face of such Herculean tasks, yet ever resourceful, is on the move and few nations are unaffected by this unfolding global drama.

So, how can we serve to better world conditions, to breakdown the religious intolerance and intransigence, the nationalistic and separative thinking, and in time to bring about a culture of the soul throughout the life of humanity. One of the ways in which we can offset this downward spiral is to help cultivate an enlightened public opinion, so orientated towards spiritual principles and values that these negative ‘impacts’ will ultimately ‘evaporate’ in the light of reason, understanding and goodwill. Wielding  and weaving lighted goodwill into the vast network constantly throughout the day, and every day, Triangles is an indispensable tool in bringing about those lasting and constructive changes in consciousness.

And, as we approach the high point of the yearly spiritual cycle captured in the three spiritual Festivals, we are once again offered a profound opportunity of letting in the light and of bringing about an ever greater beauty in the affairs of humanity. It is a joy and a privilege to be a part of this ongoing and prolonged scientific approach to God and to usher in an era of Light that carries the seeds of inspiration, revelation, and, above all, right relationships, the motivator of spiritually transforming changes between individuals, communities and nations.