Sharing Group Thought

Every year we are pleased to feature in the Bulletin a selection of thoughts on Triangles that we receive from co-workers around the world. We hope, too, that you will be encouraged to share your insights with the worldwide group. You can send your papers by post or email to headquarters or submit online at:


I like to compare the night sky with the triangle network.

Every new triangle is a cluster of three stars.

There are bright ones (who meditate regularly), and those that are barely visible.

My vision is that one day, there will be no darkness for evil to hide.

South Africa


Behind the work of the Triangles stands the great divine triangle of the Christ, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Lord Buddha. The presence of this divine energy is always available and it only takes the invocative demand of humanity accompanied by a sense of urgency to break open and release this force. It is, therefore, with care and caution, as well as keen aspiration that we as a group take the first steps in representing this cause and to initiate the intense effort required to lead the way into the new age of light.



There is a great deal of power in the Triangles. In moments of depression and almost despair, wanton brutality, indifference and pain in everyday living and even worse so in politics around us, the triangle makes me feel that I am not alone but a vivid part of a triangle of energy of love and confidence and peace which takes over. By the end of the Great Invocation (Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth) makes me feel that this is happening already now. Fear falls away and there comes a great sense of peace.



In the Triangles network we can be active agents to bring spirit into matter if we try and remember ourselves as points of light in our daily activities and work places and contacts in the world – this is part of the hard work for us all ... to bring the activity of love and good will into the challenges of our relationships each day.



Vibrations of Triangle thoughts make one unique thought. Ultimately everything disappears. Enlightenment is the ultimate result.

Sri Lanka