Sharing Group Thought - December 2016

Every year we are pleased to feature in the Bulletin a selection of thoughts on Triangles that we receive from co-workers around the world. We hope, too, that you will be encouraged to share your insights with the worldwide group. If you would like to send your papers by post or email to headquarters or submit online, then please click here  

We, as individual units, exist in a great chain of humankind and we bring into living light the manifesting furtherance of the One Plan through our unique generational influences, collective insights, and intuitional promptings from wiser voices.

My triangle started recently and I am beginning to enjoy the service. I feel each morning the joy that comes with serving humanity and the Plan of God

When using the Great Invocation I visualise the world as being surrounded by triangles of light.  Above the earth is the Hierarchy, above that is Shamballa and above that is the Father.  As the Light, Love and Power are received the Triangles increase in light and number.  The Love received from the Christ enters through the five entry points and the increased love increases the light, and draws the earth and Christ nearer to each other.

It has not been easy to get like-minded people to join the Triangle group.... Despite challenges and distractions here and there, I am not disturbed. I have resolved to participate in the daily Triangles group work. This daily spiritual exercise is giving me strength to live and work to meet the needs of humanity.

In this little country are many people of goodwill who support the great Triangle of Light, Love and Power. My personal experience with the Triangle Network gives me the strength of belief and an inner understanding.
The Netherlands

One evening as I performed my triangle meditation, a flash of inspiration rushed into my mind: “In the middle of every established triangle is an opening and a definite opportunity to release the Christ energy. It is a gateway.”

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