Spiritual Values

At the heart of all psychological and spiritual growth is an evolution into right relations characterized by higher spiritual values; right relationships by definition are governed by a blueprint of spiritual values. Everyone recognizes higher values. Even though there is currently little to no widespread or formal training about values in education, most adults are able to easily identify them. One might hypothesize this is so because the great spiritual teachers—Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, etc. demonstrated those values with their lives and left deep imprints on the human psyche. That is true. It also may be true that these values are embedded at the heart of the human soul and that spiritual Teachers are simply able to express fully what is already innately present. Spiritual values are often recognized as aspirational goals. Right relationship between individuals, nations, and kingdoms of life on the planet are only possible through a lived expression of spiritual values. This should tell us something significant—spiritual values are innate living energies which when fully embodied and expressed create right relationship.

All evidence points to humanity evolving towards a fuller alive expression of spiritual values. Gandhi pointed the way to achieve this evolutional transformation: “be the change you want to see”, he stated. Paradoxically, it is the striving of each individual to live from those spiritual values that results in humanity as a group moving towards a culture that is a more accurate reflection of spiritual values. It is the soul in each of us that demands relief from the friction, chaos, and conflict engendered by lower regressive values— selfishness, separatism, greed, and the like. The soul aspires simply to be what it already is—love, wisdom, light, selfless service and goodwill in action, unity, harmony, and sacrifice—and to be liberated from all that obstructs and hinders its fullness of being. Suffering, in this context, is merely the intuition of wrong relations based on wrong values.

Triangles are a specific configuration or pattern recognized by both the fields of mathematics and architecture as being a more stable structure and by psychology as being a potentially difficult entrenched pattern. Psychology recognizes the potential destructive power of triangulation when there is a lack of transparency and equality (wrong relations) within the triangle such as occurs when the alignment between two points exclude the third. Triangles, therefore, can help to bring power, stability and right relations when used through higher values. When triangles are created with the higher aspirational goals and spiritual values that are embodied in the Great Invocation, a model for right relationship based on selfless love and the united aspiration of the soul is created. The use of Triangles is, therefore, a way to “be the change you want to see” and help create right relations through embodying spiritual values on earth.