The Circle of Love - June 2016

The daily practice of Triangles involves visualizing and creating within a triangular formation, linking with our co-workers throughout the world, drawing upon the inner reservoirs of spiritual energy and releasing and circulating them through the etheric network surrounding the planet.  

And although we work at building and enlivening a triangular network we likewise know that that network is constructed within an etheric spheroidal structure that is the etheric counterpart to our Earth. The network is not, therefore a flat or static two-dimensional structure but rather an intricate, delicately woven living form, responsive to the ever-changing inflowing energies that pass in and out in regular, rhythmic patterns.

The Triangles work is said to have its source in the “bright centre, lying far ahead,” the centre Shamballa. Within that sacred centre all forms are held together within a circle of divine love. This circle encompasses the only point of perfect peace upon the planet. And to the extent that we become better vehicles for the release of that love into our environment, bringing it to bear upon all the harshness in our world, we blend our little wills with the greater will of God.  And thus we serve.  The essential work of Triangles is “to facilitate the work of distributing the pure incoming love energy (expressing itself as light and as goodwill) into the Hierarchy and Humanity” (Alice Bailey). As we hold this simplicity and potency of purpose in our minds and hearts we can play our part in aiding our Logos to realize his keynote, which is said to be that of relationship.  

The circle has no beginning and no end, relating all things within its circumference.  It’s said that within “the radius of the love of God – the circle of the solar system – all forms, all souls, all lives revolve.  Let each son of God enter into this wisdom.  Reveal to each the Oneness of the many lives” (Alice Bailey, adapted). As points within points we each work together to radiate love thereby aiding our planet to fulfill not only its individual dharma but also that larger collective Purpose of which our planet is a small yet significant part.