The Planetary Network

The planetary network of light, love and service is transforming the mental climate of the planet, reorientating humanity to spiritual attitudes and values. The groups and activities reported in the Bulletin reflect different aspects of the network.

Triangles Webinar

At the beginning of the year, a new Triangles project was launched – the Triangles Webinar. Each Monday at 3:00 pm EDT (New York time) and 8:00 pm GMT (London time) the webinar aims to provide a platform for Triangles members and for those who are new to Triangles to come together with others from around the world to give subjective support to the strengthening and expansion of the Triangles network, and to encourage people to form new triangles.

The webinar includes a short introductory talk about Triangles, a Triangles meditative visualization and a group sharing of ideas and impressions. The program length is between 30 - 45 minutes. We hope you will be able to join us and contribute to this new initiative. To register please use the web address below:

Initiatives of Change

Initiatives of Change is a global movement of people of many cultures and backgrounds, who are dedicated to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.

The movement grew out of the work of Frank Buchman, an American Lutheran minister of Swiss descent, and whose initiatives included the establishing of the ‘Oxford Group’ in the 1930s. Buchman’s conviction was that change in individuals was the only effective way to change the world.

Initiatives of Change works to inspire, equip and connect people to address urgent issues, ranging from the personal to the global and focus on relationship-healing; developing trust-worthy leadership; and building sustainable communities.

Its vision is of a transformed society founded on personal change, in which everyone can find and follow their vocation.

Its values are:

• Treating everyone, whatever their culture and background, as we would wish to be treated – and having honest conversations with them;

• Belief in the potential for each person to be an agent for positive change in society;

• A regular time of silence to listen for the voice of God [or, for those without a faith, conscience or the ‘inner voice’] for correction and direction;

• Universal standards of absolute honesty, unselfishness, love, and purity, as guidelines for individual and collective behaviour;

• Genuine care for others as the underlying foundation for building trust and creating lasting change;

• The need to acknowledge past wrongs, make restoration, seek and give forgiveness where appropriate, to heal the wounds of the past and liberate the spirit – thus freeing ourselves for effective action.

Initiatives of Change London Centre

24 Greencoat Place



t: 020 7798 6000