The Planetary Network - June 2016

The planetary network of light, love and service is transforming the mental climate of the planet, reorientating humanity to spiritual attitudes and values. The groups and activities reported in the Bulletin reflect different aspects of the network.

Share the World’s Resources 
‘Share the Worlds’s Resource’s’ (STWR) is an independent civil society organisation working for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources within and between nations. STWR explains: “Humanity urgently needs to move beyond the restrictive ideologies of the past and embrace solutions that meet the common needs of people in all nations.”

Some of the issues that STWR focuses on are: ‘Sharing in action’, ‘Reforming the global economy’, ‘Ending poverty’, ‘Environmental stewardship’, ‘Global democracy’, ‘Peaceful international relations’ and ‘The people’s voice’.

A representative from STWR (Rajesh Makwana) spoke at the World Goodwill Seminar in London at the end of last year.

P.O. Box 52662, London N7 8UX UK
t: +44 (0) 207 609 3034 ;

New Economics Foundation
In 1986, the first international conference known as TOES (The Other Economic Summit), was organised by a group of ‘new’ economists, environmentalists, and development campaigners who decided to challenge the right of the G7 leaders to speak for the economic future of the planet. Shortly after the conference, the New Economics Foundation was created.

The New Economics Foundation is now one of the UK’s leading think tanks working for social, economic and environmental justice. It has been instrumental in promoting green taxes, alternative economic indicators, ethical investment and social auditing.

The Foundation explains: “... the work is only just beginning. A new economics is emerging all over the world, but it needs advocates, midwives, activists and entrepreneurs, and it needs people to explain it and develop policy to make it happen faster. That is what NEF is dedicated to.”

10 Salamanca Pl, London SE1 7HB UK
t: + 44 (0) 207 820 6300 ;

Institute for New Economic Thinking
The Institute was created to broaden and accelerate the development of new economic thinking that can lead to solutions for the great challenges of the 21st century. The Institute encourages the development of sound economic ideas to better serve humanity.

Founded in 2009, in the wake of the global financial collapse of 2008, the Institute provides a focus on:

• the relationship between finance and the broader economy
• inequality and distribution
• the economics of innovation
• environment and resource sustainability

The group comments: “We are building a global community with thousands of new economic thinkers .... Traditional economics is failing us. Our goal is to offer hopeful solutions to the key challenges of the 21st century.”

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