The Principle of Cooperation - September 2016

The Spirit of Cooperation is a latent source of energy that can be tapped to create constructive and fertile collaborations. In the process of manifestation, cooperation allows ideas and ideals to find expression in form, uniting the subjective and objective worlds. It is behind the beauty of ripened summer fruits, and the bright ideas that find fruition in life. Nature thrives in cooperation, just as we humans thrive when aligned with our divine source and in relation to each other.

An outstanding example of the Spirit of Cooperation is biodynamic farming. Biodynamic engineers carefully survey the land before they ever break ground, to create fertile gardens in harmony with the natural landscape. This preserves the vital integrity of the underlying structure of the land and all the little lives therein.

A first-time visitor to a biodynamic farm may easily mistake the luscious overgrowth as wild excess. This misperception is conditioned by modern modes of farming, which produce monotonously straight rows of seeds and weedless fields. Biodynamic farms do not match this expectation, but by aligning with a healthy hidden order, they flourish and sustain life.

Likewise, through their creative work, Triangles workers are the biodynamic engineers of the etheric fields, tilling the finest substance of light to bear heavenly fruit. Working in the vineyard of Life, their hands may not be immersed in the soil like traditional farmers, but they are indeed dirtied in the grit of human experience, transmuting it into wisdom through the Spirit of Cooperation.

Tapping into this energy transforms the inner and outer landscape. The Spirit of Cooperation draws inward to intermingle and infiltrate the silent circuitry of Life, just as it flows outward through ideas and actions to restore the world’s balance and harmony. When the inner and outer currents unite, and the subjective and objective worlds are in cooperation, the ripened wisdom of the soul pours through the personality to produce fruitful action. By meeting on the inner side of life each day, by aligning in and with the Spirit of Cooperation, triangles flourish in unitive living and prepare the hearts and minds of humanity for all the good to come.

But what of the world’s landscape today? Devastation and chaos seem to reign, desecrating innocent victims, splintering countries and isolating others. Exploitation and fear seem to control the masses, and many well-intentioned workers despair. Current events can be heart wrenching, and every person of tender heart and goodwill feels this. But, in this wildness, the creative constructive potential of the Spirit of Cooperation is ever present. 

Day by day, we can tap this transformational energy by asking: “Have I preserved the needed spirit of loving cooperation?”1  Where this spirit is preserved, the gardens of God are sure to bear fruit.

1. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, p. 739