The Principle of Responsibility - December 2016

There is no greater evidence of the evolution of consciousness within the human race than an increasing awareness of responsibility. Today there are growing numbers within humanity who recognise that the decisions they make on a daily basis have consequences and they are seeking to make responsible choices. There is increasing concern with how products are made, the effect that their production and use has on the environment, and whether those involved in making the products are fairly treated, adequately recompensed, in safe working environments. Greater interest is being shown in the protection of environments, there is awareness of the habitats that are being destroyed in order to meet the world’s never ending demands and a desire to change this. Greater interest in sustainability, renewability, fair trade and recycling are all indications that there is a shifting of emphasis from shortterm gain to an awareness of the longer term, recognising that the choices made today affect the environment both physically and societally that will have an impact on generations to come.

Recognition of responsibility is the underlying impetus to greater cooperation between nations as they seek to negotiate and compromise rather than face the devastating physical, emotional and mental consequences of war. Increasing awareness of the inequalities of wealth across the world and the suffering of the poor, together with recognition of the flaws in the free-market system with its emphasis on profit maximisation, is leading to new thinking on how resources are allocated.

The sense of responsibility is said to be “the first and the outstanding characteristic of the soul”. And, clearly the soul is emerging within humanity, for the sense of responsibility is shining forth in flickering flames. It is through the Triangles work that those flames can be stimulated into a blazing fire. Triangles of light and goodwill work with the reservoir of energy upon the inner and etheric side of life. It is through this etheric network that every human being is related to every other expression of the divine Life. Triangles work automatically and with full circulatory effect bringing all in relation to each other, stimulating that sense of responsibility that is necessary to enable the exoteric work of the men and women of goodwill to make progress.

The work of Triangles, motivated by the desire to serve in the world of thought, uses the power of the mind to transform human consciousness. The daily direction of the energies of light and love to all people everywhere, taps spiritual energies and brings them into activity in the material world. It is work along the line of soul contact which leads to a releasing of soul energy and activity into the world. It is related entirely to the furthering of the unfolding Plan of God.

It is recognition of spiritual responsibility that attracts people to the work of Triangles. Amongst all our diverse responsibilities, spiritual responsibility is usually the last to be recognised, but it is by far the most important, for spiritual influence carries with it the releasing power of love.