The Principle of Sharing - June 2016

Sharing depends upon the right circulation of energies and forces. The health of the individual depends upon a good circulatory system and the same principle applies to the life of a community, a nation, the community of nations, our planetary home, and also the solar system, according to the truism “as above, so below”. Wherever there are blockages or congestion circulation is inhibited and the result is systemic disorder.

Sharing in everyday life is no fanciful ideal – it is in evidence in public services, in the great public art galleries and museums, municipal parks and public spaces, and in many community initiatives such as food banks. It is demonstrated in the Triangles work where groups of three people invoke the energies of light and goodwill and visualise them circulating through the three focal points of each triangle and through the network of triangles surrounding the planet. In an age of intense competition ideas about sharing are coming more into the public domain in response to economic inequality and the unfair distribution of resources. Shared public services that serve the common good have been with us for many years and now the concept of a sharing economy is emerging via electronic networks and marketing, the sharing of information via social networking sites and file sharing on the internet.

The Triangles work is based upon the idea that subtle energies and forces are circulating throughout the etheric web which vitalises the physical form. The power of thought sends these energies on their way and they become a shared resource on the mental plane. All of the many inspiring sharing initiatives in the world are the result of the creative thought of some mind or group of minds whose hearts have no boundaries.

The etheric or energy body which shapes the human form is an integral part of the etheric body of the planet and the solar system. According to the Ageless Wisdom teachings “the field of space is etheric in nature” and is an “entity”. Through this etheric network every human being is related to every other expression of the divine Life. Lines of light circulate through the etheric field throughout the human and sub-human kingdoms of nature; there is a constant circulation with energies passing into, through, and out of the body of manifestation. On this basis everything is inter-related and interdependent and the planetary etheric body holds them together.

Humanity’s destiny is to be the planetary light bearer – restoring the divine circulatory flow to our planetary home throughout all of the kingdoms of nature, including the human. The principle of sharing will help humanity fulfil this destiny.