The Quiet Revolution - September 2016

Revolution is defined as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something:  a change of paradigm.”  This definition encapsulates the technique and intention underlying  the work of Triangles. This quiet, behind-the-scenes activity stands outside the bounds of words and outer demonstrations that we normally characterize  as revolutionary activity.  But nonetheless, as our definition affirms, Triangles is revolutionary but it is a silent revolution, carried forward in simplicity, in concert with others who come together to love and serve. 

The repatterning needed for the realization of the emerging paradigm must be spearheaded through the demand of the world’s disciples in cooperation with men and women of goodwill everywhere.  Together we can shatter the old pattern and reconfigure it in alignment with the divine Plan. And while on the level of the inner planes this repatterning is well underway, we all know there remains much work to be done within the three worlds of human activity to realize the potential inherent in this moment. Notwithstanding the present challenges, human ingenuity is such that we can always rise to the occasion and forge creative solutions to any problem.  So let us not be dismayed by events, by change and welcome the opportunity to participate in the most potent revolutionary impulse in planetary history. To be effective in this effort we have been given the hierarchical tool that is Triangles and it is our privilege and our opportunity to wield it.

A Christian prophecy has application here; it states “in that light shall we see Light.” The present period is witnessing a tremendous intensification of light, leading towards a rending of the veils that separate the inner world of meaning and the outer world of the three lower worlds of personality expression. This inpouring light is having a powerful effect upon humanity and will lead to the revelation of the human soul.  Triangles workers have the opportunity to contribute to this intensification of light—giving it right direction and circulation through the planetary network.  It’s said that the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet depends upon this light in order to carry forward its work.  We must not let the outer simplicity of form and the quiet nature of our work together belie its inner potency; indeed it can reveal it.