The Science of the Soul

It is said a growing scientific approach to all aspects of life will govern during the coming Aquarian age. Humanity is emerging from a long mystical dispensation and entering into a decidedly mental and occult approach to the spiritual Path. Through a scientific application and understanding of the science of the soul, humanity in increasing numbers will bring about those inner transformations that will change the ordinary individual into a spiritual being as the solar lotuses begin to flower.

Whereas the mystic revels in the formless and often astral realms that so easily distort the essential reality, the occultist builds in the clear-cold light of intuitive perception those forms that can let in the light. Science is governed by rules, procedures, the need for accuracy in detail and the long process wherein results are verified or discarded through a process of trial and error. Such rules and procedures can equally be applied to the subjective life, the realm of causes, the realm of the soul from which lasting change becomes possible.

Through the union with one’s true self the seeker on the way becomes the means whereby energy is released, and the fogs and mists of glamour begin to dissipate, first within the radius of the individual life, but later within the group and eventually within humanity as a whole. In this way the spiritual workers serve humanity by helping people to see more clearly and better distinguish truth from falsity. The challenge and opportunity of the scientific light workers is together to “reach into the light and bring it down to meet the need.” The mobilization of this band of workers, across all cultures and walks of life, will strike a collective blow to world glamour. Groups of individuals such as those who work with Triangles can have a key role to play in this dissipating and clarifying work. It is said that we must seek to meet all planetary changes with corresponding changes in our own lives. So, today, as the information technology revolution is spreading information at lightning speed, Triangles members can creatively find ways to use the same medium to spread light and goodwill. As we do so, we are contributing to the construction and enlivening of the planetary antahkarana, that bridge in consciousness through which the energy of the Spiritual Hierarchy can flow through humanity and precipitate into all kingdoms in nature. Together we are fusing “the many radiant strands which will produce those connecting cables... along which can pass the fiery will and the predetermined purpose of Deity can flow.” (Alice Bailey, adapted) This is happening now and in it we can all play our part.