Towards 2025

Sublime energies of Light and Love are constantly flowing into the human mind and heart, sustaining all that is good and beautiful and true. This is one of those things that we know intuitively to be real because it is part of the experience of our eternal essence, the soul.

These energies flow ceaselessly from ‘above’ in rhythmic, cyclical patterns, energizing the multiple dimensions of the planetary life, and nourishing the conscience of humanity. Each time we visualize the Triangles network invoking light and radiating goodwill, we sensitize ourselves to this higher rhythm.

The historical story of human development reflects (often in undefined ways beyond our comprehension) these rhythms of the Life Divine. Higher interludes bring moments of unusual opportunity when spiritual choices assume a special importance in national and international affairs, often affecting the collective sense of future possibilities. Wise prophecy forewarns the spiritually inclined to anticipate such periods.

For example, prophecies about the significance of the year 2012 created a dynamic environment of expectation and action.  While this led to some popular elements of fear and fantasy, the intelligent focus on future possibilities contributed to the important Earth Summit in Rio in June.  Prophecies about the year 2000 contributed to a mental climate which made possible the important Millennium Declaration of the United Nations containing the Millennium Development Goals.

2025 is a Jubilee year in the Christian and Jewish calendar that is also the focus of prophecy. The ageless wisdom suggests that in the 25th year of every century there is a gathering on the subtle planes of all Masters, Saints, Rishis and Enlightened Beings, and over time this is followed by significant changes in humanity.  Because of the growth of soul values (the sense of synthesis, the inclusive spirit, and the rejection of separateness by people of intelligent goodwill) there are grounds for expecting the worlds of soul and of outer human living to be increasingly aligned in the years and decades following 2025.  This might mean people who have achieved some measure of spiritual enlightenment emerging as leaders in all manner of human affairs, uniting the hundreds of thousands of world servers from every part of the planet, initiating a renaissance in global culture and civilization. Prophecy even suggests the emergence, at some undefined time, of a Christ-like figure recognized by people of spiritual inclination in all faiths.  

Rooted in the realities of the world of 2015, with all the problems of our age and all the aspirations for unity in diversity symbolized by the Sustainable Development Goals, it is a good time to ponder what a new spiritual dispensation might mean for a post 2025 world. In pondering such a possibility we become naturally invocative.