Energy Follows Thought


  • All is Energy

The Objectives of Triangles:

  • To establish right human relations and to spread goodwill and understanding (light) among men and women.
  • To raise the level of human consciousness and to transform the mental and spiritual climate of our planet.
  • To strengthen and support the work of men and women of goodwill in the world.
  • To provide a reservoir of thought and to inspire practical and constructive action on behalf of humanity.

All is Energy

In the modern world we constantly meet the concept of energy. Yet few ever stop to consider what is meant by this term. The word comes from the Greek 'energos' which means "active. Energy, then, is the capacity for vital activity; and since early times this energy concept has been applied to an increasingly wide area of human understanding and endeavor. For a long time the concept was used only with relation to physical happenings and events, but lately it has also entered such fields as psychology, economics and sociology. From the concept of energy as a generally distributed living force, a direct line of development leads into every department of human living.

The concept of energy has been more fully developed and widely used in science than in any other field. The idea that all is energy, in varying states and relationships, has led to a synthesis in scientific thought and to a new understanding of the forces of the universe. This was not always so. In the 19th century energy was largely regarded as the result of the motion of bodies or material particles (actual or kinetic energy), or as the result of the position of a piece of matter with relation to other pieces of matter (potential energy). This was expressed in two great laws--the law of Conservation of Mass, which stated in brief that mass (the quantity of matter in a body) was indestructible, and the law of Conservation of Energy, which basically stated that the sum total of energy in the universe was constant.

The concepts of mass or matter, and of energy, were thought of as independent, and of the two the concept of matter was regarded as the more basic and fundamental to our understanding of the universe.

But in 1905 Einstein showed with this 'special theory of relativity' that mass itself is a form of energy, that mass and energy are in fact interchangeable, and that they are related by the formula E=mc2 where E = energy, m = mass, and c = the velocity of light. Thus "if matter sheds its mass and travels with the speed of light, we call it energy. And conversely, if energy congeals and becomes inert and we can ascertain its mass, we call it matter." ( The Universe and Dr. Einstein, by Lincoln Barnett.) The law of Conservation of Mass had to be removed from its place of prime importance and the concept of energy then assumed its rightful place.

The Etheric Body

By this special theory of relativity it has been possible to prove scientifically that in the known physical universe all is energy. This discovery sounded the death knell for materialistic concepts and explanations of the universe. For there is nothing in the manifested universe--solar planetary, or the various kingdoms in nature--which does not possess an energy form, subtle and intangible, yet substantial. Energy is now regarded as all that IS; manifestation is the manifestation of a sea of energies, some of which are built into forms, others constitute the medium in which those forms live and move and have their being, and still others are in the process of animating both the forms and their environing media. It must also be remembered that forms exist within forms. You, as you sit in your room, are a form within a form; that room is itself a form within a house and that house (another form) is probably one of many similar houses, placed the one on top of another, or else side by side, and together composing a still larger form. Yet all these diverse forms are composed of tangible substance which--when co-ordinated and brought together by some recognised design or idea in the mind of some thinker--creates a material form. This tangible substance is composed of living energies, vibrating in relation to each other, yet owning their own quality and qualified life.

We live in an ocean of energies, although we are not always consciously aware of this fact. We ourselves are congeries of energies; and all these energies are closely interrelated and constitute the one synthetic energy body of our planet. To this energy body we give the name etheric. The etheric or energy body of every human being is an integral part of the etheric body of the planet itself and consequently of the solar system. Through this medium, every human being is basically related to every other expression of the divine life, minute or great. In fact the energy body of every form in nature is an integral part of the substantial form of the one universal life--of God Himself.

The etheric body is in reality naught but energy. Its function is to receive and transmit energy impulses of varying kinds and grades, and to be swept into activity by these impulses or streams of force. It provides, in fact, the necessary basis for the various types and levels of telepathic interplay and for all forms of subjective work and relationship between both individuals and groups. The etheric body also provides the link between mental and emotional impulses and the world of outer physical form. Through the network of the etheric body energies are constantly circulating, conditioning and determining the outer expression, the activities and qualities of every form of life. This holds good for the individual human being, for groups, for humanity as a whole, for the planet and beyond.

The Blueprint of the Plan

The outer world of circumstances and events is the product of the dominant energies available and circulating in the planetary etheric body at any particular period in world history. Up to very recently most men and women have responded mainly to the energy of emotional impulse. Those who responded to mental energy and to patterns of thought were relatively few and far between. But this situation has been changing rapidly in the 2Oth century. As a result of modern educational systems, millions have developed and are developing the power to think and to wield the energy of thought. Those who can touch and register those impulses and patterns of thought, which hold the seeds of the future world culture and civilisation, and which come from the Universal Mind, are now sufficiently numerous to form a world group.

It has been said that "what is going on in the world today is the working out of ideas", and this can now be clearly seen. Those who have some conception of the power of thought, of the effect of streams of mental energy flowing from a mind, face a situation of great opportunity and responsibility. . This is the basis for all creative work upon the mental plane. If one person, thinking truth, can transform the mental climate in the environment, so may selfish, uncontrolled or destructive thinking poison the mental atmosphere. Our thoughts are far more potent than we normally realise, hence the need for a creative and constructive use of this power.

The universe is an expression of the plan and purpose of God. It is not a "fortuitous concurrence of atoms", but is the working out of a great design or pattern.

By becoming more conscious of the necessity for circulating positive and constructive forms of energy, we become conscious cooperators in the divine Plan. We begin to recognise more vividly the reality of the world of thought and to work more consciously to register and respond to those fundamental ideas and principles that are seeking expression in the world and which form the blueprint of the Plan at this time. We begin to recognise, too, that there are those whom one can call the "Custodians of the Plan"--the spiritual Hierarchy--whose task it is to prepare the blueprint of the Plan for humanity to use and work out. We recognise and associate ourselves with the universal creative process, shared by the spiritual Hierarchy and all creative thinkers whose work is inspired by motives of love and service.

Anyone can co-operate with this work of "thinking the Plan through into expression". The ultimate objectives of the Plan are that light should illumine our minds, that love should govern all relationships, and that the will of God should direct the affairs of men and women. All who truly seek to love and serve humanity are cooperating with the Plan. To those who know the power of thought and who can begin to work with thought energy upon the mental plane, an additional and creative role is possible.

Science of the Mind

The wise and skillful use of thought energy in service is not for most people an automatic process. It calls for effort and discipline and for an understanding of the principles on which the creative use of the mind can be based. The following statements indicate some of the fundamentals of this science of the mind.

1. Thought is creative as it builds by the formulation, development and clarification of ideas. It is communicative as the mind projects the "thoughtform" to its destination.

2. Creative thought building requires a calm and stable emotional consciousness, a mind that can maintain focus and concentration on an idea or theme without interruption or distraction and physical conditions that permit both to be achieved.

3. Purity of motive is needed for this work. This is not a counsel of perfection; but the purpose for doing the work must be one of impersonal, selfless service for the benefit and upliftment of the whole human family.

4. The mind must be united with the heart in creative spiritual service. The Christ said "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is," and if the thinker works without a heart open to the flow of love, the thought will lack the magnetism needed for it to achieve its objectives.

5. There are many ways of thinking a subject through in order to clarify and develop it. But effort should be made to penetrate behind outer appearances to search for meaning, for significances, for relationships with other ideas or streams of thought, to look for causes and not at effects. The attempt to do this will lead the thinker to reflect on that which is not of the nature of the form, and this can lead to contemplation, which is the source of inspiration and illumination.

6. The thinker should at some stage lift the consciousness to the soul  the Christ consciousness within us — and, reflecting in the light of the soul, link in thought with the spiritual Hierarchy, the Custodians of the Plan. In this way we will help to build the link between the mind of God and the minds of men and women, and through this channel, the Plan can be helped to precipitate into human consciousness. We can also invoke the flow of light and love and the will-to-good through this channel into the minds and hearts of all.

7. The thinker should realise that one is in fact part of a subjectively unified world group of thinkers in any creative service work undertaken with the energy of thought. A thinker will contribute to and draw from a group "pool of thought". By linking in consciousness with this group while working with thought energy, one adds to the value of one's own and others' contributions.

8. Thoughtforms should he built with as much care and accuracy as we use to build a house. Just as an architect must take into account design, materials, location, wiring, lighting, heating, plumbing and gear them all to a house that is beautiful, practical, economic and good to live in, so must the creative worker in thought bear in mind the corresponding factors for mental creation. Just as there are millions of poorly designed and built houses in the world, so there are millions of ill thought out and relatively useless thoughtforms. In this process of thoughtform building, the main mental technique is visualisation.

The rules for creative use of thought energy are the same as those for meditation, but a wider connotation should be given to this term than hitherto. The scientist working in his laboratory to reveal the laws of nature is engaged in a form of meditation. Planning with care for the helping of the needy is meditation. The clarification of the concepts of philosophy and the formulation of philosophical principles is meditation. The application of the power of mind to the problems of government and international relations is meditation. In all these fields the same thought processes will be applied. The themes will differ and so will points of emphasis, but the process is identical. Wherever the motive of this work is the welfare of all, wherever it is carried through with selfless purpose and intent, that work may be regarded as responding to the impulses of the Plan.

Spiritual energy must make its impact upon human minds; these minds are the only available instrument--in their combined effect--through which the will of God can be expressed. The place of humanity in the cosmic Plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realised that one of our main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane, and the creation of that which is desired according to God's purpose for his creation. Men and wcmen, as a whole, are undergoing evolutionary development in order that they may become conscientious creators in matter. This involves a realisation of the archetypal Plan, a conscious process of willing creation, so that we cooperate with the ideal, work under law and produce that which is in line with the Plan.

Creative Work of the Thinker

Fully conscious creativity in line with the Plan requlres also a comprehension as to the nature of energy and an ability to direct energy currents. As yet but few of the human family work deliberately and consciously in mental matter.

Thought energy which now emanates from each human being in a comparatively weak stream can be directed towards the creation of that desired by the group and not solely towards that desired by the individual. Fundamental to cooperation with this work in mental matter is the faculty of working in group form, each thought being sent on a definite mission of adding its quota of energy to some one stream which is specific and known. This last is of importance for to be of real assistance thought energy must be definitely directed towards some particular channel of service.

All activity of every kind is the result:

a) of thoughtforms built consciously or unconsciously;

b) of self-initiated thoughtforms or of the effect of the thought-forms of others;

c) of responsiveness to one's own inner impulses, or of responsiveness to the impulses of others, and therefore to group thoughtforms.

It will be apparent, therefore, how vital this matter is, and how influenced men and women are by the thoughtforms they themselves create, or by the mental creations of others.

Creative work will be successful if thinkers can recognise the basic trends and tendencies of their own mind and thought; if they can recognise the group in line with whose thought their creative work may proceed; and if they recognise the purpose for which they have deemed it wise to build in thought, holding that purpose steady for as long as the form is useful.

Objectives of the Plan

One of the first things to be grasped in our consideration of the value of the creative use of the mind is that there is a Plan for humanity, and that this Plan has always existed. It has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past ages and also through that special impetus which has been given to it from time to time by the great intuitives and teachers of the race. Today there are a sufficient number of men and women in the world, adequately deidoped so that they can contact it and work in connection with it. Through the creative use of the mind, men and women everywhere can help to bring through into outer expression this divine Plan for humanity.

The following is a statement of some of the main objectives of the Plan for humanity:

a) the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity.

b) the awakening on a large scale of the light in human beings.

c) the establishing of a great station of light which will illumine the whole of human thought.

d) to bring to an end the age of separateness.

e) the raising of the mass consciousness to mental levels.

The result of this will be:

a) the formation of group units bound together by a common thought. This has been proceeding since the 15th century.

b) the production of a humanity characterised by three things:

1. A system of inter-communication and inter-relation. Radio, telephone, television, travel, telepathy.

2. A sense of responsibility for each other. Realisation of goodwill.

3. Recognition of omnipresence. The One Life.

There are other aspects of the Plan, and other important objectives, but no aspect of the Plan can be established within humanity except through the creative use of the mind.

We are only now beginning to understand the power of thought and the energy which the thinker can apply. Through creative thought., through spiritual perception and correct interpretation, men and women can help to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

The Work of Triangles

The service of Triangles is aiding the development of right human relations throughout the world. A knowledge and understanding of the relationship between energy and thought is of definite value in this work. The work of Triangles Is directing energy by the power of thought. In Triangles we use the focused power of thought to invoke and direct into humanity the energies of light and goodwill--energies desperately needed in our world today. It is a deeply scientific work, but undamentally simple. Invocation, prayer or aspiration, meditation--it matters not which word is used--by means of these three methods, spiritual energies are tapped and brought into activity.

The steady impact of right thought, thought qualified by the energy of goodwill, is having a definite stimulating and healing effect upon the consciousness of humanity. In addition a vast reservoir or pool of goodwill energy is being created which is drawn upon by workers for humanity all over the planet.

Any individual can join with two others who believe in the power of creative thought to form a triangle. This triangle, when linked in with the worldwide Network of Light and Goodwill, can be a practical expression of the potency of thought and a contribution to the effort to develop right relations among all humanity.

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men--
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan of Earth.