How to do the Work

Triangles work is essentially simple. It need take no more than a few moments each day, and with practice can be done almost anywhere, and at any time. While workers must discover for themselves the methods of work which best suit them, there are certain basic principles which all can follow. The following notes outline a brief procedure which is especially intended to assist new members.

1. Place of work. It is always preferable to use a place where you can be quiet and uninterrupted for five minutes. Then, sitting relaxed but upright with eyes closed, put everyday thoughts and feelings to one side and focus on the task of serving humanity through Triangles. With practice this can be done almost instantaneously, rather as one would tune a radio to a particular wavelength, in this case tuning into the network.

2. Link mentally with each member of your triangle, or triangles, from the highest point of consciousness that you can achieve, “seeing” each triangle as a unit “in the mind's eye”. Visualisation is a great creative force. For some a mental picture is easily created. Others build by imagination, by repeating mentally the names of their fellow members, or by simply thinking about each triangle. Some people combine several methods. On the principle that energy follows thought, we can be confident that as we think about them, links are created and kept vitally alive by this daily work.

3. A radiant living network of triangles has been built around the planet as a result of the daily work of triangles members. Visualise the triangles in which you are working as an essential part of the worldwide triangles network.

4. Visualise light and goodwill flowing into each of the three points of your triangle(s), circulating around the triangles from point to point, and flowing out through the network into the hearts and minds of men and women everywhere. The soul or Christ principle can be found as a central point within each triangle, and many people visualise this central point as the source of light and goodwill used in this work. As light and goodwill are distributed, realise that they increase the brilliance of the whole network. The consequent radiation has an inevitable constructive and healing effect, lifting and transforming human consciousness and establishing right human relationships.

5. Sound the Great Invocation, silently or aloud, according to choice or circumstances. As you repeat each stanza, visualise the network acting as a link between the world of spiritual realities and humanity, and as a channel through which light and love and divine purpose flow into humanconsciousness.

6. Summary of procedure

  • Link mentally with members of your triangle(s),
  • Visualise your triangle(s) as part of the world wide network,
  • Visualise light and goodwill flowing around the points of your triangle(s), through the network, and into human consciousness,
  • Use the Great Invocation, perpetuating the flow of spiritual energy.

Some Additional Points

1. It is not necessary for members to synchronise the time at which they do the triangles work each day, and in fact when members live in different parts of the world, this is impossible. Once Triangles links are built in mental substance, they can be “brought alive” when any one member does the work. The true synchronisation is in the purpose and intention of those doing the work, not on the question of time.

2. Number of Triangles. Some people participate in several triangles, and this is to be welcomed. There is a practical limit, however, to the number of triangles in which any one person can work effectively. The question arises: How many triangles are you able to visualise and hold clearly in your mind at the same time? We suggest, therefore, that members either limit the number of triangles in which they work, so that each can be a vital functioning unit, or spend enough extra time in this world service to ensure that each triangle unit is firmly built and regularly vitalised.

3. If any member of your triangle(s) discontinues the work, please let us know at once. We hope that in such cases, someone may soon be found as a replacement.