How to Form a Triangle


The questions “How does one start a triangle?” and “What is the best way to introduce people to the network of light and goodwill?” are often asked. Many people have had the experience of a triangle “forming itself”, without apparent effort or planning, almost as if it “existed” before its members met or agreed to work together. But equally many others have struggled and searched for a long time without success. What can they do when faced with an apparent void of potential co-workers?

Mental Preparation

The need for the right mental preparation in such a situation is often forgotten. Successful Triangles work involves a certain “likeness of mind”. We have to be able to “tune in” to the Triangles wavelength. What better way of finding co-workers, therefore, than by first becoming a mental broadcasting unit, radiating the concept of Triangles and the need for co-workers into our mental environment, and enlarging our understanding by reading and reflection, so that our consciousness becomes impregnated and saturated with “Triangles essence”. How else indeed can one create the attractive magnetism that will evoke a response when the right person turns up.

Link with the Network

We can at the same time start making a daily mental link with the network of light and goodwill, using the Great Invocation, and acting as if the anticipated triangle already existed. Thus we visualise the two other lighted points in the confident expectation that at the right time the right people will emerge to fill them. The daily link with the network also serves to charge the field of our consciousness and mental environment with magnetic power, increasing the attractiveness of the Triangles “thoughtform” we are building.

Right Action

Right inner preparation has to be followed by right outer action. It is not difficult today to speak to people about prayer and meditation. Men and women of goodwill are eager to find ways of serving humanity. They know instinctively that humanity has need of light and goodwill, and they do not need to be convinced that the power of the mind can be used in constructive service. Yet too often we are reserved or hesitant. We have a secret inhibition that prevents us from talking as openly and whole-heartedly as we could. This communicates itself to others, and is one of the barriers to be overcome if we are to attract new members to the Triangles work.

Another difficulty, frequently experienced, comes in the response: “Why must I join a group?” “Is it not equally effective if I pray and use the Great Invocation on my own?” It is a great achievement for humanity to realise the fact of its inner subjective unity, and that when people pray to God, no matter when or where, they are truly linking in with the ever present aspiration and invocation to divinity of the whole human family. Yet individual prayer is neither as effective nor as spiritually useful as group invocation. We should emphasise that this new age science of group invocation is a vital feature of the daily work of Triangles.

The Network

Finally we can point to two completely unique features of triangles. These are the fact of the triangle itself and the fact of the network. Without channels into the everyday world, the spirit is powerless to influence human affairs. The network formed by many thousands of interlinked triangles is first of all a worldwide group channel for the downpouring of spiritual energy into human consciousness. The network is also a communications system. All energy needs some “carrier” through which it can travel and bring its force to bear. The Triangles network ensures that the light and goodwill invoked by each individual triangle can circulate throughout the planet and therefore has a worldwide influence.

The Triangle

Triangular patterns are universal and basic to nature. Science is categoric about this and religions teach the truth that a trinity is to be found at the heart of every living form Triangles is in fact a supremely simple spiritual service linking both the religious and the scientific approaches to life. Triangles can also be observed in ordinary human relations, for three is the smallest number that can form a group, and the triangular relationship is the basic unit and nucleus of all group work.

In presenting Triangles, we can therefore point out that the network is rooted in a universal reality, and that everyone who works in triangles is identifying with one of the fundamental life patterns on the planet. We may not always succeed in kindling interest. But as we work at the task of expanding the network we are strengthening an open channel through which spiritual energies descend and building a more comprehensively universal system for the transmission and distribution of light and goodwill around the globe.

Some further suggestions for forming and maintaining Triangles:

  1. Realise first of all that you cannot be successful unless you yourself are profoundly interested in serving in this way.
  2. Realise next that many of your friends are truly and earnestly eager to help at this time of world crisis and that they do believe in divine guidance even if they have not discussed such a subject with you.
  3. Then begin talking about the plan for the network of light and goodwill, without pinning people down to joining. Speak of the uniqueness of the idea (for it is unique), mentioning the fact that such triangles now exist all over the world, of their steady growth over many years, and of the simplicity of the work required – just a few minutes of meditation each day, plus the living of a life of enlightened goodwill. Then leave the idea to germinate.
  4. When you feel that real interest has been evoked, ask the people interested to join you in forming a triangle and then start using the procedure for work within the network of light and goodwill.
  5. It is not necessary for the members of your triangle to live in the same place as yourself. It would be helpful, of course, if triangle members could meet occasionally for united work and discussion, but this is not essential. Members of Triangles must feel free to do the required work in their own time and manner.
  6. Keep in touch with the members of your triangle. As the one who has formed a new triangle, it is your responsibility to keep interest alive in your two friends until they are firmly established in the rhythm of the work. Then continue to keep in touch and seek to strengthen and vitalise the work you are doing together within the network of Triangles.
  7. Every member of your triangle should be encouraged to form other triangles and this is your definite responsibility. Try to bring this matter to their attention and provide what help and inspiration you can in their efforts. It is only in this way that the work can grow and spread as it should.
  8. As a result of your subjective work within the network of light and goodwill, it should become increasingly easy for you and the members of your triangle to express outwardly, in your sphere of existence and throughout your environment, the practical value and effectiveness of the light, love and goodwill invoked through the daily work of Triangles. The personal example of a life lived in right relationship with others is inspiring.