The Energy of Light


  • The Energy of Light

The Objectives of Triangles

  • To establish right human relations and to spread goodwill and understanding (light) among men and women.
  • To raise the level of human consciousness and to transform the mental and spiritual climate of our planet.
  • To strengthen and support the work of men and women of goodwill in the world.
  • To provide a reservoir of thought and to inspire practical and constructive action on behalf of humanity.

The Energy of Light

It must ever be borne in mind that the great theme of light underlies our entire planetary purpose.

The evolution and development of humanity can be described in terms of illumination and knowledge, in terms of sight and the entrance of light, thus leading to revelation. Through the agency of light, human vision expands and divine purpose is brought into the area of human thought and planning. Without the energy of light little progress would be made, and yet we take its wonder and mystery for granted.

Each Triangle unit can be a powerful focal point of light-energy within the network of light and goodwill. The light flowing throughout the network acts as a many-powered beam which follows the main stream of human thought with intensity and precision, bringing new insights, new understanding and a new revelation to open minds and hearts.

This outpouring of light has brought us a measure of knowledge and of understanding of ourselves and of the world around us that would have been quite literally unthinkable a few generations ago. A tremendous expansion of thought is occurring in all areas of human life. New light is being cast upon humanity's situation, a light that is revealing a world of inter-relatedness. Increasingly people are seeing the world as a whole. This brings them into touch with a deeper level of reality. For many this involves a direct experience of the essential oneness of life.

Mystics and philosophers have always asserted that light is the symbol of God in manifestation. Modem science supports the view that the very substance of the cosmos, from which the universe has been made, is a form of light energy. Psychologists teach us how to illumine the dark places of the mind, enabling us to open our minds to the inclusive light centred in the Soul. Modem educators are striving to bring to birth an age of universal enlightenment. Through the dedicated thought of Triangles workers, the light of the Soul is being released into a needy world.

Humanity—the Planetary Lightbearer

Two great spiritual teachers stand out above all others in the recorded history of humanity. One, the Buddha, is universally regarded as the embodiment of light. The precepts and teachings of the Buddha enable us to come to terms with our minds, to find the way between "the pairs of opposites" through the practice of detachment and dispassion, and eventually to achieve illumination and wisdom.

The other great teacher, the Christ, is the embodiment of Love. He brought us a new commandment, that we should love one another, transcending in one profoundly important injunction all systems of life and ethics based on the negative "Thou shalt not...".

The development and relating of mind and heart is said to be the subjective purpose of manifestation. The Buddha and the Christ have demonstrated the epitome of human achievement along each line. In the proper understanding and relationship of their teachings comes the opportunity to resolve all human problems, to bridge the age old cleavage between East and West, and to come to understand the paradox of life.

For life is paradoxical. There is a saying in the East that "The mind is the slayer of the real". We have come to understand something of the truth of this by observing how narrow intellectualism and so called logic can divest life of any real meaning. It is only when the mind is under the influence of love that it can be truly enlightened and become the medium of revelation.

In a similar manner love is blind without the balancing power of mind and the light which gives wisdom and understanding.

It is the special destiny of humanity to become the planetary light-bearer. Mind is the feature which distinguishes humanity from other evolutions. It is intelligence that has lifted the human being above the animal kingdom and which is fundamentally responsible for the dominant position that humanity now holds in the mental, emotional and physical worlds.

Undue emphasis placed on the rational and concrete aspect of mind can cause it to become "the slayer of the real". This process constitutes a dangerous element in the present world situation. The abstract mind and the soul -- the middle principle of consciousness itself -- must also function and the light of wisdom and the light of understanding blend with the light of knowledge which is the gift of the concrete mind. These three aspects of light -- wisdom, understanding and knowledge -- carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul in all forms, through the medium of the world soul.

Humanity has never had greater need of Light-bearers than it does today. We are entering a time of unique opportunity to the whole of humanity. World problems are being 'brought to light', challenging us to seek solutions through inclusive and universal thought.

Those who would serve as light bearers need to do three things:

(a) Cultivate the light of wisdom, which is the light which relates us to God's will and purpose, and which enables all things to be seen in proportion.

(b) Unfold the light of understanding, the light which links us to the heart and love of God and to the compassion of the universe.

(c) Develop the light of knowledge which relates us to the mind of God and which gives us control in the three worlds of human evolution.

As these three aspects of light unfold within us we can begin to radiate light, via the world soul, to the soul of all things. In so doing we serve.

The whole world stops and listens when someone comes along with the right new vision at the proper time.
Robert Muller

Rather light a candle than complain against the darkness. Chinese proverb

From the Writings of Alice A. Bailey:

"Light is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

"Light and substance are synonymous terms, Soul and Light are equally so, and in this equality of idea -- light, substance, soul -- you have the key to fusion and to the atonement which Christ expressed so fully for us in his life on earth."

"The soul is light essentially, both literally from the vibratory angle, and philosophically from the angle of constituting the true medium of knowledge. The soul is light symbolically, for it is like the rays of the sun, which pour out into the darkness; the soul, through the medium of the brain causes revelation. It throws light into the brain, and thus the way of the human being becomes increasingly illumined. The brain is like the eye of the Soul, looking out into the physical world..."

"The heart of the world is light and in that light shall we see God. In that light we find ourselves. In that light all things are revealed."

"When a man literally walks in the light of his soul and the clear light of the sun pours through him -- revealing the path -- it reveals at the same time the Plan. Simultaneously however he becomes aware of the fact that the Plan is very far as yet from consummation.

The dark becomes more truly apparent; the chaos and misery and failure of the world groups stand revealed; the filth and the dust of the warring forces are noted, and the whole sorrow of the world bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated aspirant. Can he stand this pressure? Can he become indeed acquainted with grief and yet rejoice forever in the divine consciousness? Has he the ability to face what the light reveals, and still go his way with serenity, sure of the ultimate triumph of good? Will he be over-whelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of love which beats behind all outer seeming. This situation should ever be remembered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by what he has discovered."


"The thought of more light governs all the inchoate yearnings of the human spirit."

It was this realisation that prompted Dag Hammarskjold's brilliant conceived epitome of such yearnings in the symbol he set before the people of all nations in the Meditation Room in the United Nations in New York.

"...there are simple things which speak to us all with the same language. We have sought such things and we believe that we have found them in the shaft of light striking the shining surface of solid rock.

So in the middle of the room we see a symbol of how, daily, the light of the skies gives life to the earth on which we stand, a symbol to many of us of how the light of the spirit gives life to matter."

"...the shaft of light strikes the stone in a room of utter simplicity. There are no other symbols, there is nothing to distract our attention or to break in on the stillness within ourselves...."

"We want to bring back the stillness which we have lost in our streets and in our conference rooms, and to bring it back in a setting in which no noise would impinge upon our imagination. In that setting we want to bring back our thoughts to elementary facts, the facts we are always facing, life struck by light while resting on the ground." Dag Hammarskjold

One of Dag Hammarskjold's closest friends wrote the following about this room:

"There was nothing in that room chosen to represent a religion, yet it seemed to have the power to convey to people of all religions or of none the attitude that has to precede human understanding of any quality -- a sense of humility and of quietude. For many of us, the rock and the light express something of the range within which the human spirit could unfold into infinity or be locked into solidness like stone."


From the point of Light within the Mind of God,

Let light stream forth into the minds of men,

Let Light descend on Earth.

Until we can think for ourselves we cannot be intelligent, willing and understanding co-operators with the forces of evolution. Unless we are imbued with the spirit of goodwill to the whole we will be unable to respond to the will-to-good, which is the motive force and driving power of the divine Plan.

So far as humanity is concerned today, light and goodwill are the two most important means of resolving world problems and establishing the new age civilisation and culture. It is in the world of light that the choices facing humanity can be clearly seen. Light reveals the dark and the undesirable. Light also reveals the goal which can be attained when men and women have the selflessness and love of humanity to follow that light wherever it may lead. Light and goodwill are needed equally, and both energies are tools with which all Triangles members work. But light is always the first energy or quality of divinity to manifest, preparing the way for the expression of the other two aspects of the trinity, love and will or purpose.

Religion and philosophy have always stressed the importance of light. Now modern science gives light an increasingly important place. Physicists, for example, hold that all types of radiation energy, of which visible light is one, are basically similar, differing only in wavelength or the energy of the photons (particles) of light. Likewise radiation and matter are convertible, one into the other, the conversion formula being Einstein's famous E=mc2, in which the constant c is the speed of light.

In its efforts to understand the nature of light, science has revealed an essential inter-connectedness at a fundamental level. Physicists have found it necessary to think in terms of 'energy fields' as comprising the structure that underlies the material world. This is a perspective that is familiar to the Triangles worker who seeks, through meditation and invocation, to direct the energies of light and goodwill into the planetary energy field, the etheric web.

Scientific investigation into the sub-atomic world has also revealed that we each create our own reality, that we are, in some way, participators in a continuum of creative activity. It could be said that we create the world in relation to the light that we direct towards it. For the Triangle worker seeking to create patterns of lighted thought and relationship, this 'discovery' by Science serves to reinforce the belief that energy follows and conforms itself to thought, a fundamental precept of the Triangles work.

At the biological level light is a vital factor. Photosynthesis, the most important chemical process on earth, depends on light energy. Light also plays a role in chemical analysis. Visible light is just one part of the electromagnetic spectrum and all substance radiates energy. By analysing its spectrum the chemical content of a substance can be discovered. This process has been used to ascertain the chemical constitution of distant stars and planets.

Three Advances in our Understanding of Light

If universal substance is a form of light energy, then our ability to manipulate and modify this energy will have profound implications. Among the many advances towards a new science of light, there are three in particular which give promise of revolutionary developments.

(1) The first is the laser -- the name stands for Light Amplified by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Whereas ordinary light is diffused and incoherent, laser light is coherent, almost entirely of one wavelength and with the waves traveling in a single direction. Because the waves of light emitted by a laser move in unison they reinforce each other, giving the laser its power.

The laser has many unique properties and we are only beginning to explore its possible uses. A single laser beam has the inherent capability of carrying vast amounts of information and this has opened up tremendous possibilities in the field of communication. Fibre-optics allow information to be flashed around the world in a split second. The light acts as a carrier signal, an interesting correspondence to the way that light can be the carrier of goodwill energy. The creation of such a network of light as the medium for the exchange of information upon the planet can be seen as an outer symbol of the inner network of light that is being created and sustained by Triangles workers.

In medicine, fibre-optics endescopes enable physicians to see deep inside the body of the patient without the need to resort to surgery as a method of investigation. Laser light that is concentrated to a fine point has become as a scalpel in the surgeon's hand. Laser light has been used in this way to remove tumours from the retina of the human eye, and also to weld breaks in the retina itself. This exciting use of light has opened up the whole field of microsurgery and brought possibilities that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

(2) The second advance has come through a development of laser technology and it relates to the hologram. The word 'hologram' comes from the Greek words 'holo' meaning 'whole' and 'gram' meaning 'to write'. Hence the hologram can be defined as 'that which writes the whole'.

A hologram is created through the following process: A laser beam is passed through a half-silvered mirror. Half of the light passes directly to a photographic plate. The other half is reflected onto an object or structure of some kind, and this light is then reflected on to the same photographic plate. Where the two beams meet an interference pattern is created, and this pattern is recorded on the plate, a pattern which is so fine that it is not visible to the raked eye. If the plate is then illumined by laser light, a three dimensional image of the object 'photographed' is seen in space. This image can be viewed from a variety of points. Even more remarkable is the fact that if only one small portion of the plate is illumined, the whole image is still created. However, it appears more hazy and indistinct and can only be seen from a limited number of viewpoints.

For centuries human thought has been rather like one of these fragments, containing the potential for revealing the whole and yet remaining limited in its perspective. In today's world we see minds coming together to focus upon world problems, different disciplines sharing their insight. Minds are increasingly becoming attuned to the light of the Soul, to a more coherent light which is bringing a holistic perspective to birth in minds all over the world. We are witnessing an expansion of inclusive and universal thought, carrying inspiration to people working in all fields of service and human concern.

Holography has been put to a number of important uses. For instance, inaccessible parts of an industrial plant can be photographed using the holographic technique. Because the holograph is three-dimensional, cracks or flaws that may be hidden from view in a two-dimensional photograph can then be seen.

In the future it is anticipated that X-ray holography will, using holographic techniques, enable physicians to record a three-dimensional view of human cells. In the field of data storage, it is theoretically possible to store the Library of Congress in the USA on material the size of a sugar cube. The marrying of computer graphics to holographic techniques will revolutionise design in such fields as engineering and architecture.

(3) The third advance is more properly a rediscovery and an expansion of interest in the powers and functioning of the mind itself. The parallels between the laser, the hologram and the human mind are extraordinarily close. Exponents of meditation have often likened the mind to a lens and mental substance to a form of light-energy. Used in this way, the mind can not only reveal the "field of knowledge", but also let in the light of the soul, and communicate with other minds, as in telepathy. Added to this is the possibility that through the soul, contact can be established with all souls and with the Oversoul. Thus the part has a direct line of contact with the whole and with all the parts of that whole. Herein lies the basis for a higher form of telepathy than that of mind to mind.

Within this area of psychological investigation are those events which some psychologists term "peak experiences": moments of heightened sensitivity and awareness in which the individual experiences an expanded consciousness and a sense of transcendent wholeness. It seems that in such moments a deeper level of understanding can be achieved, as if light has penetrated into transcendent realms, and that which it reveals is conveyed to normal brain consciousness. These moments can bring transformation and the emergence of a completely new perspective on life.

The interaction between mind and matter continues to be an area of scientific research and a growing number of scientists from various fields are reaching the conclusion that the nature of reality seems less like the workings of a vast machine but more in the nature of a universal mind. This view, though perhaps new to science, is not new to the wisdom of the East. Many parallels have been drawn between the 'new physics' and teachings from Eastern religions and spiritual traditions. The essential unity and inter-relationship that science is bringing to light is a fundamental characteristic of the Eastern world view. This view is one that is not unfamiliar to Triangles workers all over the world.

There are clear implications for Triangles workers. Successful mental work requires the modification and manipulation of mental substance analogous to that achieved by the laser on the physical plane. By the right use of the mind, by clear visualisation and the projection of the light of the mind, enlightened thought can be stimulated and circulated through the network and into human consciousness. Similarly, the network as a whole distributes and amplifies light from the mind of God into human minds across the world.


Light is manifestation. God is not Light, unless He chooses to manifest Himself as Light, because in reality God is no-thing. But if God touches substance with His finger, Light appears. Christ is light because He is the manifestation of God -- human being and God in perfect balance. By following the Way we too become, in time, Light-bearers and can bring Light to the numbers in this century who "sit in darkness and in the shadow of death".

Light demonstrates as positivity.

To the mind it brings clarity and therefore the ability to discriminate wisely and make choices which are of positive value to world progress.

To the heart it brings awareness. In the Light we see the needs of humanity. The heart is engaged because the Light gives it understanding. Its positive result is Love.

To the will it brings courage, endurance and persistence because it registers as bliss and heartens the travelers on the Way. Its positive result is determination.

At this transitional period in the history of humanity the transfiguring quality of Light is what the world cries out for. Only the positive effect of Light can transform the situation. The call goes forth for more Light-bearers to bring enlightened thought and vision to bear upon the human condition to