On this page we feature selected reflections from co-workers around the world on the Triangles network of light and goodwill, and related topics.

We invite co-workers to send in their thoughts on the work. You can submit your ideas on-line, by email or by post. Selected responses will be featured on this page and/or in future editions of the quarterly Triangles Bulletin.

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Having been acquainted for several years with the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and periodically experiencing those inner revelations that bring you to new vistas of thought and loving action offers itself to the current moment of profound loving creative energy sensed more deeply and centered in the initial action of our forming a triangle. In this light I am honored and humbled to move forward in this united effort in world service.

Georgia, USA

Invoking and evoking energies of healing, blessing and happiness is a privilege and happiness for my life. How did the Founding Fathers know that the "pursuit of happiness" - true happiness, not contentment or self-satisfaction - is so important spiritually? In Triangles work, we can pursue and sometimes attain the possiblity of true happiness for all. Hurrah!

Pennsylvania, USA

I do hope I have grown spiritually thanks to my participation in the Triangle work. As a grandmother and a woman I feel I have the duty to my grandchildren to prepare a more spiritual world for them.

New York State, USA

Since I began participating in this work I have had the impulse to share it with those in my environment who could be receptive. As a result, I have participated in various triangles, some of which are still active. As part of this responsibility, I have been in contact occasionally with the members to assure that they are still active. I have also motivated those closest to the work to constantly increase their understanding of the profound and important nature of the service we are offering.


The role of Triangles makes me aware - every day - that we are world servers. The world starts close by - at home and at work, with friends and with those I meet. Gradually, in these contacts I find the purpose for humanity as a whole, that we all have the same need and capacity for freedom and love.


Over the aeons, the Triangle has always been symbolic. The Holy Trinity is a solid spiritual foundation.

Triangles is a generator of energy, a reservoir of light. Surely the network of light will continue transforming the planet and bring about a better abode for us all.


My understanding of the work is that through sacred geometry we become larger and more potent in our thoughts and deeds. When the thoughts are tempered with love and compassion we can affect a universal whole. The group of three becomes the world group.

Pennsylvania, USA

Divine energies pass through the network of Triangles, like our sun shines on the earth through the atmosphere. The network is the atmosphere, which protects and supports our inner nature on earth; it disperses spiritual energies enabling all peoples to contact these energies for constructive use. The brighter the network the better the atmosphere.


Each triangle group is a point of brilliant light. We bring light to the world of darkness. In meditation, we join together, groups around the Earth, to form one large triangle. This triangle is filled with greater energy and light for it contains the thoughts of trillions of triangles.

"These points of light reflect points of love which contain points of power and are sent out to humanity. We fulfill and enlighten those in need-a small point of light will brighten a darkened space and as more light comes in the glory of the "Son" shines on all and reveals to those (with inner vision) the one that is in all.

New Jersey, USA