General Letter Fall 2009

September 2009

Dear friend,

Many of us would probably agree that we live in a decisive moment in human history. Great decisions have to be made, Alice Bailey said, as to whether humanity moves forward into a new age of cooperation and right human relations, or whether the materialistic groups will maintain control. The realisation that the outcome of this decision has to be made by humanity as a whole, rather than left to the institutional and governmental powers, may lie behind the remarkable efflorescence of grass roots initiatives that are working to mobilise public opinion on a wide range of issues at this time. All grass roots effort finds its source of spiritual power in the recognition of the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity, as Alice Bailey put it.

The global financial crisis which was precipitated a year ago continues to cause hardships to nations and governments around the world. The suffering which this is causing, as well as the unjust distribution of financial resources, are well documented by the media and are the source of deep concern to all people of goodwill. However, the esoteric worldview offers a unique insight into events on the outer levels of life by linking them to their underlying, subjective causes. In this way the ancient spiritual law, Energy follows and conforms itself to thought, can illumine both the cause and cure of human problems.

What humanity’s decision will be, in regard to the struggle between right human relations and selfish materialism, is not yet determined. We know, though, that whatever the decision, the new age will reveal the nature of group relations in such a manner that the old platitude "united we stand, divided we fall" will become undeniable. It is human nature to want a quick decision, a clear and decisive judgment about the future. But it is the nature of the evolution of consciousness that such decisions need time and the sustained will-to-good to precipitate. This realisation should not frustrate but, rather, highlight the need for every thinking person of goodwill to contribute to an outcome that will serve the common good.

The Ageless Wisdom teaching has a concept called the "raincloud of knowable things". This raincloud is, essentially, a reservoir on the mental plane containing the impending recognitions which human consciousness is ready to receive. This raincloud, Alice Bailey said, indicates the emergence of that which is new and better and progressively right. But its "condensation" has to be brought about by the massed invocative appeal of the entire human family. It can be blocked by the conditioning ideals and thoughtforms which, if left unchallenged, become a "forbidding dark cloud of rain" which hides the recognition of a new and better way to live.

There are many ways that spiritually oriented people can contribute to the necessary transformation of consciousness which will reveal this new way—starting, it goes without saying, with a rigorous examination of one’s own desires and aspirations. For many years there have been two special meditations available to all who wish to join in the redirection of human thinking. One focuses on the use and spiritual potential of money as the "medium of loving distribution", revealing money as the spiritual energy that it is intended to be. The other concerns the pivotal role which the capacity to share bears upon the plans of the Christ, the World Teacher, to return to active presence on earth to prepare humanity for the next step in its spiritual evolution.

The regeneration of the money in the world and the redirecting of money and resources into the work of the spiritual Hierarchy is a most difficult task undertaken at any time, but the conditions created by the present global financial crisis may, in fact, present an opportune moment for change. This is a time when the materialistic assumptions and ways of living are being shaken loose from crystallised forms of selfishness and separateness. There is a "new materialism" to be established by those who pioneer the incoming Aquarian values—a materialism in which the abundant physical resources, goods and services with which this planet is endowed are shared and distributed with equity and justice, and the ingenuity of human intelligence is directed towards enhancing the quality of life on earth for all.

To effect this change, a transformation in consciousness is needed, and this is possible because the human mind has access to a higher reservoir of light, wisdom and spiritual power. The focused thought of large numbers of people who can sense, even dimly, that reservoir, that raincloud awaiting precipitation into human minds and brains, can help to sustain the leaders and dedicated servers who are actively engaged in the resolution of humanity’s problems. Through this type of meditation, light can be cast upon the problems which humanity has created and which humanity therefore has the power to solve. Enclosed is a leaflet with more information on two special meditations available to all who seek to serve through the transformation of human consciousness.

Other ways to assist in this transformation can be found on our website ( which is intended to serve as a resource centre for the worldwide esoteric group. The site contains a great variety of information on the service activities, Triangles and World Goodwill, including a bulletin board where prospective Triangles partners can be contacted on-line (; the Worldwide Network site, which is a continually expanding listing of Alice Bailey-based groups throughout the world; over 75 translations of the Great Invocation as well as many other mantrams which can be shared with your contacts by e-mail; and a complete archive of the
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The website also offers access to the books of Alice Bailey for purchase or reference, and enclosed is information on plans underway for expanding the electronic offerings of the books of Alice Bailey. Also enclosed is a program of the World Goodwill symposium [seminar/forum] to be held in all three headquarters, London, New York and Geneva, on Saturday, November 14,2009. The theme this year is "Igniting the Universal Will-to-Good in a Time of Decision" and you and your friends are encouraged to attend and participate in the group discussions and meditations on this theme.

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