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Virgo Festival Talk

The text which follows was an address given by a member of the Headquarters staff of Lucis Trust at one of our public meetings. The purpose of these brief talks is to prepare and seed the group mind for the real work to be done--group meditation. This talk can be used by individuals and groups who wish to cooperate with this service.

World Service Through Inclusive Loving Understanding

Welcome all friends joining us here in New York City, in person as well as online, and linking up with all others across the world who are preparing individually or gathering in groups large and small for the festival of Virgo. The zodiacal energies are our cosmic guides and it’s a wonderful thing to be exploring, experiencing and celebrating this ancient sign that embodies so much of the mystery of God’s Plan for our little planet, Earth, and for-Humanity.

The Gayatri, found on the white cards, points to this ancient mystery so we’ll start with a moment of silence and then say it together. The Gayatri is a mantra of the Vedic tradition, between 2500 and 3500 years old. It is one meter, the Gayatri meter, in the Rigveda. Here we are using the translation from the original Sanskrit written in 1893 by William Quan Judge. For those of you new to this event, you should also find the meditation form, which we will be using together after the talk.

So now let us share a few moments of silence and then together say the Gayatri followed by a single OM.

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe.
From Whom all things proceed.
To Whom all things return.
Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun,
Hidden by a disk of golden light,
That we may know the truth and do our whole duty,
As we journey to Thy sacred Feet.

The keynote of Virgo—I am the mother and the child, I God, I matter am, when carefully considered gives one pause for thought because it embodies so much and is the key to so much mystery. It could be said that Virgo holds the key to the entire unfolding of the divine spiritual Son, the human soul, from conception and gestation through individuality and self-centered consciousness to the birth of the true divine Son—the selfless group conscious Soul. The keynote embodies the whole that is involved in the great planetary unfolding of intelligence and love—matter, God, and the divine spiritual creation, the child or Son of God.

Looking keenly at the state of human affairs today, one finds the full span of this unfoldment and evolution of the human soul, from the early flickering of intelligence, developing into fully self-aware consciousness, and finally being transfigured into the state of awareness of the next planetary kingdom—the kingdom of the soul. And even this, the higher kingdom of the soul, is being penetrated and precipitated by the divine sons in humanity who are heeding the call for the externalization of the spiritual Hierarchy into humanity.

There are so many struggling souls in pain around the world, which can easily evoke feelings of powerlessness to help and despair in people of goodwill. The people in West Africa in the midst of a serious Ebola outbreak for example; the Ukraine people caught by a leadership bent on controlling territory, resources, power and wealth; the Palestinians and Israeli people just trying to eke out a living and protect their families while rockets fall from the skies creating destruction and devastation; the tens of thousands of families in Syria watching helplessly as people are executed each Friday and bodies are left in full view to create more terror and fear all in the promotion of so-called religiousideals. The list goes on but this suffices to demonstrate why the hearts of sensitive servers are filled with despair and sorrow for suffering people everywhere.

Self-aware, sensitive souls that are moved by love and responsibility have a deep desire to serve and to help. It is because they are sensitive that they are able to embody and be moved by the higher values and qualities of the soul—keen awareness, sensitivity to suffering, love for fellow human beings, animals and the planet, and a sense of oneness with all life – expressed through a compassionate heart that pours out in love to all those who are suffering around the planet today. This is not a new thing of course, and a little exploration of history shows that this suffering of people at the hands of other people has been going on since the beginning of time. It was prevalent in the times when The Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Moses each incarnated. Each of these great servers of the race testify to the suffering and struggles of humanity in their teachings, they suffered along with humanity, they saw and suffered as the new group of world servers suffer, as all human souls with sensitive hearts and aware minds suffer.

In the middle of the spectrum of human evolution lie those self-aware, integrated personalities, many of whom seem to be orchestrating much of the suffering in the world. These peopleembody characteristics often found in Leo-Virgo, signs that Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Astrology describes as inseparable. These people are at the height of their power of individuality. They wield matter for their own self-centered purposes and ideals with incredible power and skill. It is these people who are often seen at the forefront of oppression – the despots of the world and even the good-hearted leaders who nevertheless through their power and ignorance cause great suffering to untold numbers. It is this group that expresses those regressive ideals that promote separatism, greed, and hate.

So what is to be done? It is no wonder that servers of love and goodwill stand perplexed as to how to wield and direct goodwill into the world in a way that will straighten the cross-currents of conflicting ideals, that will transform the misguided desires characterized by selfishness, greed, fear, and separatism, and will bring harmony to a badly conflicted racial consciousness at war with itself.

We know that Humanity embodies the fourth ray. It is the ray of harmony through conflict. Here is the key for creating harmony through goodwill. Our solar system embodies the second ray of love wisdom. The second ray of love wisdom, as far as human evolution is concerned, is the consummate divine ray that seeks expression through all life, all relationship, and all conscious awareness. It certainly seems that the conflict of the fourth ray is very far from the love wisdom of the second ray, but that is not really so. It is an illusion of a limited mind and awareness that doesn’t’t yet know how to correctly and creatively wield the fourth ray. It is humanity’s destiny to figure this out. What a glorious destiny! To be able to bring harmony from chaos! That is truly divine creativity.

When the fourth ray is rightly embodied and used, then the glory and power of God will be known by all planetary life and humanity will be able to take its rightful place as the caretaker of the earth. Even now we see the rudiments of this spiritual skillfulness happening. The seeds are there. Some tiny delicate sprouts are budding. They will be watered and nurtured from the rays of the true spiritual sun, love wisdom, embodied and radiated by each member of the new group of world servers. The material world, mother earth herself, provides the needed medium within which the sprouts will grow to their full stature and beauty, and the hands of all humanity will be the gardeners once these buds are recognized for the real and true value they carry within them.

The fourth ray points the way. The new group of world servers and people of goodwill are, consciously and unconsciously, working to turn conflict into harmony. The fruits of human evolution--technology, knowledge, and other resources, are being brought to bear on this important development of technique, skill, and wisdom that will culminate in humanity meeting its divine responsibility. Twitter, the Internet, and continuous live streaming are some means that are bringing conflict to light as it is occurring. Several weeks ago continuous live streaming of the events taking place in Ferguson MO enabled the conflict occurring there between the community and the police to be observed in real time by millions of people. These technologies are bringing to light the places of conflict deeply seated in the racial unconsciousness. Once the true nature of the conflict is seen by the illumined mind and through the eyes of the compassionate understanding of embodied love-wisdom, the transmutation of the conflict will be inevitable for it is only the ignorance and hate generated from the conflict itself that keeps it going.

What if the collective millions of observers as well as the direct participants involved in the conflict in Ferguson, for example, inclusive of the community and the police force, were to come to an understanding of each other? What if the community was to realize fully the fear the police have for their very lives when facing the threat of the hate and boredom of young men filled with rage that threatens to become unleashed with the smallest challenge? What if the police were to realize fully the despair and fear of young men without resources, without jobs, without purpose at a time in their lives, young adulthood, in which their souls are demanding that they are active and contributing to some group in some way and the only outlet they have are gangs and crime? What if both came to understand the hearts and minds of each other as souls trying to express their deepest purpose and needing a sense of belonging, security, and community?

The soul is group conscious. It is one consciousness within the one life of this planet. It is driven by purpose. All around us we see human souls struggling to find right expression, struggling to find belonging and purpose, and being stymied at every turn by the limitations of the current human culture that has not yet caught up to the needs of the soul for its right expression. Only through a deep understanding of the needs of the times and the resulting conflicts will humanity make that turning point, through loving understanding and compassion, within which the new culture of the Aquarian age will unfold as a reflection of what is the mind and heart of the race.

What if the Palestinian people, the Muslim people, deeply understood the historic wounds of the Jewish race and their need to feel a sense of community and place in the world? What if the Israeli people deeply understood the frustration and violation that the Palestinian people experience daily as their land is appropriated against their will and their very livelihoods are oppressed by constant blockades and restrictions?

We could go on and on, seeking to deeply understand each conflict, all sides, all perspectives, taking place within the world today. Perhaps this is what is meant in the ancient wisdom teachings by “inclusive reason”. It is said that inclusive reason is the expression of divine intuition, the faculty of the Buddhic vehicle when it is coordinated and being used rightly for spiritual service. The Buddhic vehicle is the vehicle of love-wisdom while the personality vehicle is the vehicle for activity. Clearly there is great need now today for these two to find a mutuality, a synthesis, that will lead to right activity and right relationship through loving activity based on spiritual purpose and intuition. The development of the faculty of spiritual intuition is said to be one of the two purposes of the incarnating Jiva, the Monad, and the spiritual Self, each one of us. The other purpose is the redemption of matter through the synthesis or fusion of matter and spirit and this purpose we fulfill through our very lives as we are both material and spiritual beings, the Sons of God, evolved through the marriage of matter and spirit and this is the keynote of the energies of Virgo, that most ancient and mysterious of cosmic zodiacal energies.

Through the inclusive reason of the new group of world servers, the fourth ray can be wielded to create harmony on earth. The conflicts can be understood deeply through compassion bringing to bear the most powerful spiritual force in our solar system—love wisdom and thereby transmuting the conflict into harmony.

This ideal of loving understanding and compassion is becoming strengthened and illumined in human society right now. The latest research in positive psychology has demonstrated that self-compassion is the answer to all forms of personal suffering—depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts. And the science and practice of mindfulness meditation and other contemplative meditative practices are demonstrating that compassion and self-compassion are innate to our being and can be methodically and purposely nurtured and grown within the human psyche.

Because of the past, because of the deeply ingrained habit of the divisive human mind to separate things in order to understand them, this idea and skill and new habit of inclusive understanding is a real turning point for the human mind. It involves something more than simple intellect. It involves the love and awareness of the soul. The new group of world servers still often tend to embody the past. They feel the love of the soul in their heart, and so they despair for struggling suffering humanity, but they still tend to separate with their minds. Seeing a conflict the tendency is to take a side. To blame one side or the other. One is right and one is wrong. One is good and one is bad. And we miss the mark of the middle way. We are not using the faculty of inclusive reason and so we perpetuate the conflict. This does not lead to harmony. It leads to more conflict, more hate, more fear, and most of all, more despair.

Love-wisdom is what will raise up, redeem, enlighten that middle group, the strong Leo-Virgo synthesis that are the powerful individuals most often wreaking havoc in the world today through their most natural and truly God-given urge to be strong individuals standing up with power for an ideal. Love-wisdom will come into the world, through the hearts and minds of all humanity who are soul infused, the new group of world servers. But, the world servers cannot bring that love wisdom into the racial consciousness of humanity if they are still embodying the discursive separative mind that strengthens hate and conflict because it has not yet learned the lesson of how to create harmony through inclusive reason and compassion, through the heart and mind of the soul.

The ngws must be inclusive of the polar opposites of Virgo-Pisces, the divine son as world savior, which includes but supersedes the powerful individuality of Virgo-Leo. They must become the divine savior and supersede in strength and by inclusive reason and loving understanding the selfish power of Virgo-Leo. Through this synthesis the divine server incarnated as a material being emerges to redeem the world.

Regarding the violent conflicts in the world today, you might argue that one side truly does embody higher values and more love than the other. One side does have more hate, is more violent than the other. But, how does that discernment help the situation? That is still using the separative mind and dividing the one problem into two parts. Perhaps it is does not go far enough, is not deep enough, does not fully extend to the level of the heart, of loving understanding. It might be a more helpful way in exploring the situation to ask oneself, what could impel a soul to act in such a way against their fellow souls? The second ray is the ray of the divine psychologist; it is the way of loving understanding and compassion, the ray of healing. It is the ray of the true spiritual sun and through a synthesis with the third ray of planetary activity, creates right loving activity that brings healing to humanity and to the planet.

Through right activity, service, carried out by loving understanding and inclusive reason the Earth is redeemed, and the divine Son fulfills its divine task.

The age of the ideals, the sixth ray, has brought about a humanity that perceives, loves, and lives its ideals through all activities and its very culture. Now imagine a humanity who embodies the ideal of inclusive reason, loving understanding, and right activity. Here is a vision that synthesizes the divine energy of the Solar Logos and the material nature of our planet—spirit and matter, Father spirit and mother earth synthesized by the divine son, the human soul.

So will Virgo be fulfilled and its keynote be not only recognized but fully realized by all of humanity—I am the mother and the child, I God, I matter am.

Now let us joyfully and with full faith in the future and the divine human soul join together for this celebration within the energy streaming from the cosmos within which we have full freedom of access--to see, to use, to strive, to vision, to live, to move, and to go forth with right loving activity, to live truly from the vision of the future working from the present.

Michelle Pearce
Virgo Festival Meeting
New York—September 8, 2014