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Form a Triangle Online questionnaire

If you have tried to form a triangle and would like to link up with other co-workers, please fill in the short questionnaire below and then click on the 'Send' button. In order to use this service, you will need your own private email address.

Upon receipt of your details, we will include your name, email address, country of residence and any comments (see examples) you may like to add on the 'Form a Triangle Online' secure web page. This page lists the details of other co-workers whom you can contact in order to form a triangle.

If the three of you agree to form a triangle, please register your triangle on the Triangles Registration Form web page, or send by email or post giving your names and addresses. It is always a joy when we hear that a new Triangle has been formed. If you are new to the work we will then send you introductory information on how to work in the Triangles network and include you on our mailing list to receive the quarterly Triangles Bulletin.

'Form a Triangle Online' is provided for the expressed purpose of encouraging men and women of goodwill to form triangles of light and goodwill for the upliftment of human consciousness.


All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

1. Comments, which will be included on the Triangles online web page.

2. What are your reasons for forming a triangle?

Please check the box if you agree to use this service for the purpose of forming a triangle: