Register Your Triangle

When you form a new Triangle it is helpful to register it with Triangles Headquarters. The Triangle grows and develops through the regular daily visualisation of each of the three points and this is true whether it is registered or not. However registering a triangle is a symbolic affirmation of its existence. It is a way of recognising that the three of you intend to persist with the work, and to build a triangle of living light and goodwill.

In addition registration enables Triangles Headquarters to maintain a database of Triangles members’ and to send quarterly Bulletins as a way of reminding participants about the Work.

All those who are new to Triangles will be sent three emails introducing the Work and offering access to articles; they will also receive the quarterly Triangles Bulletin at no charge. The Bulletin explores spiritual themes that are relevant to the work.

If you would like to register your triangle, please fill in the form below, giving full names and addresses.

To register a triangle, please fill in the form below:

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To register a triangle, please fill in the form below:

1. CO-WORKER (I am the key member forming the triangle)