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World Goodwill

World Goodwill is working to establish right human relations through the use of the power of goodwill

The most contagious human quality which can be organised and made effective is goodwill. It has been defined as “Love in Action”. People of goodwill are potentially the richest asset in any nation, and can have tremendous influence on public opinion when properly associated and focussed. To bring in the new day, we do not need a further appraisal of the world condition based on a particular ideology or point of view. Rather, we need a deeper sense of reality based on spiritual values, and a new perception of humanity as a unit of divine life within an ordered and purposive universe.

GOODWILL IS... the touchstone that will transform the world



Join us for talks, discussions, meditation:

Rebuilding the Shrine of Human Living

November 14, 2015


Learn more about the purposes and objectives of World Goodwill.



In order to place a closer focus on the work of the United Nations, and in particular the post-2015 process which is aiming to replace the Millennium Development Goals, we have set up a new blog, World Goodwill at the UN, which will provide up-to-date reports on relevant UN meetings and processes. Regular updates feature news on what is happening at the UN, focusing especially on the process of defining new Sustainable Development Goals for humanity after 2015 when the Millennium Development Goals expire. A Facebook page provides shorter topical coverage. We invite you to subscribe to the Blog and Like the Facebook page.

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Sixteen years ago World Goodwill published a Newsletter By the Grace of Water. The times were urgent then; problems of water scarcity and pollution were bad and getting worse. We reported on the problems, on initiatives to address the problems, and on new understandings of the relationship with fluid, life-giving water. It was a story of impending crisis and also of hope.

So what of our relations with the element Water now? More...



The Child: Awakening the Consciousness of the Soul includes reflections on the innate spirituality of the young, the changing attitudes to children through the ages, right techniques of raising and educating children, and the significance of children for future world transformation. More...

World Goodwill is pleased to announce the updating and re-publication of its booklet, Techniques of Goodwill. Focusing on such timeless principles as Unity, Creativity and Sharing, this booklet presents a series of reflections on how goodwill can be nurtured and practically applied in service in any circumstance. More...



The Cycle of Conferences: World Goodwill invites you to serve in a worldwide meditation group which seeks to spiritually enlighten the mental atmosphere around important global conferences. Learn more about the current focus

The Goodwill Meditation Group, a worldwide group of people who meditate once a week on the energy of goodwill. Their subjective work strengthens human consciousness, making positive, forward-looking solutions to world crises more possible.

A world prayer, the Great Invocation, is distributed on a worldwide scale in many languages and dialects. World Goodwill also cooperates in organising the annual World Invocation Day, with special focus on the use of the Great Invocation worldwide.

The Problems of Humanity study papers on the major problems of human progress. Emphasis is placed upon underlying causes and emerging trends rather than on a factual survey of events. The use of the trained mind in reflective thought and meditation is encouraged. Study groups may be formed.

Our annual seminar/symposium featuring guest speakers on topics of world interest.

A links page featuring key service groups that are seeking innovative ways to tackle universal problems.




The World View - brief articles observing current events and trends from a spiritual viewpoint.

The Newsletter presents a universal spiritual approach to topics of concern. Deeper analysis can be found in our Commentaries.

A selection of key literature online on a variety of spiritual topics, including: the imminent reappearance of the World Teacher, known by Christians as the Christ, and by those of other faiths by many different names; the nature of the Divine Plan and how we may cooperate with it; the work of the spiritual Hierarchy; and others.


A selection of Inner Sight radio programs related to the work of World Goodwill


You can also learn more about the 24 books of esoteric philosophy written by Alice Bailey, the founder of the Lucis Trust.