Connecting with the Global Network

Recognising that “Energy follows thought”, World Goodwill engages with groups working subjectively with the energy of consciousness, as well as groups who are harnessing the energy of goodwill in more concrete ways to tackle urgent outer crises.

Subjective work – Units of Service

People from all spiritual and faith traditions are today working together in groups (large and small) to serve in the creation of a more lighted and loving human community. In the ageless wisdom tradition this vast network of groups are thought of as ‘Units of Service’. They often combine forms of meditation and prayer with study and practical service. Together all the Units of Service from every culture on the planet form a worldwide network of light and goodwill. As groups recognise their relationships with one another, they are blending and fusing into one great movement of goodwill, which is spirit in actual expression. Today we see this movement arising spontaneously around the world, a spontaneity which is characterised by a lack of central control. What is not needed is any super-organisation attempting to direct and enforce unity. What is needed is a multiplicity of living organisms held loosely together by cooperation, constant communication and an identity of goal and purpose.

Units of service, inspired by the teachings in the Alice Bailey books, often organise meditation meetings for world service at the time of the full moon as well as a range of other activities. Each unit is independent and free to serve in the light of their own understandings. A list of groups loosely associated with World Goodwill is available here.

Objective work – Civil Society

There are today millions of groups actively working to build a world of unity, justice and peace, from small local initiatives to multinational bodies. Each group that is in fact seeking to put principles of compassion, love and goodwill into practical action can also be thought of as a ‘Unit of Service’. These active serving units are a part of the “saving force” for the world. They deserve supportive and strengthening prayers and meditations alongside practical support where appropriate.  A small list of groups is offered here as a symbol of the rich diversity of serving groups in the world.

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