2018 Conference, London


Arcane School Conference

London 26-27th May

Let the rules be learned whereby the Army of the Voice works within the veils of maya.  Then let that voice be no more heard and let the group onward move within the Sound.



London 26-27th May, 2018

1.30 – 5.15 pm each day

Amba Hotel,
Charing Cross, The Strand,
London WC2N 5HX

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Meditation, Talks and Discussions

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Let the rules be learned whereby the Army of the Voice works within the veils of maya. Then let that voice be no more heard and let the group onward move within the Sound.


The Energy of Language: The Esoteric Meaning of Words,
Grammar and Syntax
Annette Morgan

The creation came into being with the primordial Word AUM. All sounds – the vowels and consonants – arise out of this first word and are perfectly laid out in the Sanskrit alphabet. Most languages use sounds as ordinary words for the purpose of communication. Particular words, however, like mantras, are not created by men and carry greater force and have extensive meanings. They arise from another level in creation which can only be accessed by Self-realisation. Annette Morgan has been a teacher of Sanskrit for over 30 years.

Electricity, Vibration and Health

Laurie Farrow

Laurie Farrow is an Occupational Therapist and adjunct senior lecturer at James Cook University in Australia. He has run post graduate courses in Functional Soft Tissue Medicine for the past 24 years. Laurie is currently the Managing Director of Health Central Occupational Therapy International, and also the Managing Director of Global  Energy Medicine. He says: “The esoteric view of electricity and vibration as it pertains to our physical system(s) has been a passion of mine for the past 45 years. Notably our clinical and research work in relation to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy PEMF and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is significant and could radically modify the way changes are made in relation to the treatment of complex brain injury and pathology and also to our understanding of who and what we really are, and to our place in the universe.”

The Rhythm of the Christ-Life

Headquarters Group

The Christ vibration communicates the living reality of the Kingdom of God from heart to heart. But in our aspiration to access the spirit of the Christ within, we should be wary of too rapid and intense an approach. In all sound spiritual training, rhythm and ritual are the safeguards that steadily raise the vibration of the lower vehicles to carry the fiery potencies of the Christ life.

Esoteric Principles of Sound in Music
Mario Eugster

Mario Eugster is a pianist and music therapist working in adult mental health in a large NHS Trust. Mario will be playing musical extracts on the piano to illustrate a talk on the esoteric aspects of sound in the work of composers such as Scriabin “the deva exponent” and Beethoven. The music of the latter often seems to relate to the “Army of the Voice” working within the veils of maya followed by its transcendence into a subjective state of pure being-ness. Mario will also be discussing co-creative processes in sound, music and language, sharing thoughts from a music therapy perspective.

Away with the Faeries

Wendy Berg

Descriptions of the deva kingdom can be found in some surprising places: the Bible and Apocrypha, the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the stories of Merlin and Holy Grail.  Wendy will discuss how these texts can inform us of the nature and function of the devas, and offer us guidance in our relationship with them. The talk will include practical exercises in the use of colour, light and sound. Wendy is the author of the books Red Tree, White Tree: Faeries and Humans in Partnership, and Gwenevere & the Round Table.




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