May 22–23 2010


Saturday May 22 and Sunday May 23, 2010

Venue: Centre International de Conférence (CICG), 17 rue de Varembé, Niveau 3, 1202 Geneva


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Keynote: Let sustained effort be the seed of synthesis, the force which binds together that which has been separated.

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Saturday May 22

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome

Synthesis : The Conscious responsibility of Esoteric Groups and Humanity

From synthesis to synthesis the life of God passes. First the synthesis of the atomic lives into ever more perfect forms until the three kingdoms of nature appear; then the synthesis in consciousness, enabling the human being to enter into the larger awareness of the Whole and finally to enter into that mysterious event which is the result of the effect of all preceding developments and to which we give the name of Identification. From the first identification, which is the higher correspondence of the stage of individualisation, progressive absorption into ever larger wholes takes place, and each time the Word goes forth: Accepted as a group." (The Rays and the Initiations, p. 58)

1:30 p.m.- Mantram : Unification

Panel of 2 speakers

  • Synthesis : Its esoteric significance as anaspect of the Path of Return
  • The Conscious responsibility of each individual; of humanity as a whole, and of disciples or esoteric groups

Group Discussion

3:30 p.m.Group Meditation

3:45 p.m.Break

4:15 p.m.The DynamicSpiral of that which has been separated

" Any sense of separateness is due simply to ignorance and to the fact that certain energies are yet unable to make adequate impression upon the human consciousness, functioning in time and space. The essential synthesis exist and the end is sure and inevitable ; unity is attainable because unity exists and the sense of separateness is simply the Great Illusion. It was in order to hasten the dispelling of this great illusion of separateness in the minds of men, and to bring about the emergence of the basic existing unity, that the new world prayer was given to men and its use on a world scale inaugurated…Here I am simply pacing the Great invocation before you as a fitting conclusion to this portion of my labour of love in the presentation of truth, and as a possible starting point in yours." (Telepathy, pp. 137-138)

Panel of 2 speakers

  • What is it that has been separated universally, in the world and individually
  • Separation in order to participate in a Life expression passing from synthesis to synthesis

Discussion in Groups

5:30 p.m. Group Meditation - in French


Sunday May 23, 2010

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome

1:30 p.m. - Sustained Effort : The Seed of Synthesisâ

Definite and sustained effort to sense the Presence throughout the Universe in all forms and in all presentations of truth. This could be expressed in the words: "the effort to isolate the germ or seed of divinity which has brought all forms into being." I would point out that this is not the attainment of a loving attitude and a sentimental approach to all people and circumstances. That is the mystical way and though not intended to be negated in the disciple's life, is not used at this time in the process of effective approach. It is the effort primarily to see in the light which the Angel radiates the point of light behind all phenomenal appearances. This is, therefore, the transference of the mystical vision to the higher levels of awareness. It is not the vision of the soul but the vision or the spiritual sensing of that which the light of the soul can aid in revealing. (Glamour ; a world problem p. 180 )

Mantram : Affirmation of the Will

Panel of 2 speakers :

  • Sustained effort by the individual

Visualisation with the Great Invocation

  • TheSustained effort of the New Group of World Servers to fulfill the Plan


2:50 p.m.Break

3:20 p.m. Mantram - The Gayatri

Point of Revelation : a process of Recognition

Little as you may realise it, these words "Points of Revelation" summarise a most definite technique in the training of disciples for initiation. All life is intended to take the form of a progressive series of awakenings. Progress, movement, awakening, expansion, enlightenment, evolution, growth—these words are but a few of those applied to the effects, both within and without, of the creative process. What is this creative process but the working out into progressive demonstration of the divine intention as it assumes form? (Discipleship in the New Era, Vol II, pp.306-307)

  • The Point of revelation as a technique of recognition
  • Synthesis as an infinite consequence of a chain of servers

Discussion in Groups

4:50 p.m. - Mantram : The New Group of World servers

Closing Remarks and Group Meditation in English

5:15 p.m. Close


Group Training for new age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom are represented through esoteric mediation, study and service as a way of life. For more details contact Arcane School .

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Saturday, May 22

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