May 30 - 31, 2015


Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st

1:15 - 5:30 p.m.

The Amba Hotel (Charing Cross Hotel),
Betjeman Room - The Strand, London WC2N 5HX,
(Adjacent to Charing Cross Underground and railway stations)

Keynote: Let the group onward move - out of the fire, into the cold and toward a newer tension.

Saturday, May 30th

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome:

1.15 pm Talk: A River between Two Worlds – Headquarters Group
The esoteric worker has to free himself from the “Law of the Tides” which controls the cyclic or "tidal" life of all souls who are carried by the great river of life—on the crest of desire—into incarnation. When control of the tides of his emotional existence is gained, the disciple stands at a point of spiritual tension in the great circulating river of divinity, his own circulatory system – the blood and its etheric counterpart – a transmuting medium between the outer and inner worlds.
  Visualisation: Power to Reveal the Path
  Panel: Cultivating Spiritual Tension
“Spiritual tension, as a result of complete dedication of the personality to the service of humanity, stimulates and empowers but does not evoke the lower life of the personal self.” Students discuss their strivings towards this ideal.
  Group discussion
3.00 pm Tea
3.40 pm

The Flow of Life – Adventures with Telemedicine – Tomas Bohrn

Tomas Bohrn is the CEO of Advanced Medical Solutions, a company he set up in the Czech Republic to develop telemedical systems and diagnostic machines for the early detection of cardiovascular risk factors. The company provides support to Doctors in Cardiology, Angiology and preventive screening and initiated a project to help the population of a rural area of Brazil avoid future invasive treatment. Tomas also researches the relationship of major illnesses to ethical and evolutionary lessons.

  The Soul is Light. What then is Light? –Dr. James T. Ryder
Dr. Ryder is a retired Vice President of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and former head of the Advanced Technology Center. Jim will discuss recent discoveries about the Sun, Stars, Galaxies, and Space itself. The discoveries point towards the Ageless Wisdom notion that stars and galaxies are living organisms in a conscious, electrically dynamic universe. The nature of light itself is further revealed by the discoveries forcing mankind to raise the question: “what then is light?” As one example, at the edge of our solar system the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) spacecraft revealed a bright “ribbon” of light. This region of high electro-magnetic tension hints at the cellular structure of the great entity, SPACE. Perhaps IBEX could be considered as a symbol of the conference keynote “out of the fire, into the cold and toward a newer tension”.
5.15 pm Group Meditation
5.30pm Close

Sunday, May 31st

Afternoon Session, everyone welcome

1.15pm ‘Phoenix from the Ashes’ – Discipleship and the Path of Renewal – Headquarters Group
  The myth of the phoenix has obvious parallels with the life of discipleship – of rebirth and regeneration. The disciple is constantly purifying and renewing his consciousness through various spiritual techniques, travelling from one burning ground to another. In the process he becomes an agent of regeneration himself, expressing the keynote of discipleship work: “Behold, I make all things new”.
  Group Discussion
  Journey through a Burning Ground – A student
  Group Meditation
3.00 pm Tea
3.30pm Musical Interlude: Toccata and Fugue in D minor by J.S Bach (transcribed for piano by Ferrucio Busoni) played by Mario Eugster
3.45pm Visionaries: Leading the Way – Libuse Sovadinova
Libuse Sovadinova of the Atma Do Civic Association in Prague, reflects on the importance of visionary leadership drawing on her own experience of the inspirational leadership of the statesman, writer and philosopher, Vaclav Havel. Libuse also discusses the group vision and work of Atma Do and its sister organization Amicia. This involves spirituality fused with social responsibility projects in the Czech Republic. Abroad, Atma Do supports children’s education in Nepal where it cooperates with monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism.
  Panel Discussion: World Tension and the Emerging Vision –
with Chris Noakes, Dr Michelle Pearce, Dr James Ryder, Barbara Valocore.
“The tension in the world today, particularly in the Hierarchy, is such that it will produce another and perhaps ultimate world crisis, or else such a speeding up of the spiritual life of the planet that the coming in of the long looked-for New Age conditions will be amazingly hastened.” The panel discusses the current world situation in light of these comments which were made by the Tibetan in 1947
5.00 pm Closing remarks and Group Meditation
5.30 pm Close


Group Training for New Age discipleship is provided by the Arcane School. The principles of the Ageless Wisdom are represented through esoteric mediation, study and service as a way of life. For further information write to Arcane School.