Meditation at the New Moon

Special work is undertaken each month during the period of the new moon and the full moon. During both the full and new moon periods there is a similar emphasis on the work of energy distribution in meditation. Just as there is a higher and a lower interlude in the annual cycle, so in the monthly cycle, the full moon occurs at the higher interlude and the new moon at the lower interlude.

At the new moon, we concentrate on how the Plan can be manifested; we focus on the many ways in which the "power of the one Life" and the "love of the one soul" are working out through the servers of the world. The emphasis at the new moon is to express and extend the energy and inspiration received at the time of the full moon through recognition of the service work of individuals and groups engaged in meeting world need, serving actively in one or other of the many fields of human life, and devoted to lifting and enriching the quality of human life on earth.

The theme of meditation at the new moon is: Strengthening the Hands of the New Group of World Servers. Composed of all men and women who work for equality of opportunity, justice, inclusiveness and right relationships, the new group of world servers functions in every field of human endeavour and in all parts of the world. For the most part they work, unrecognised, to meet not only human need, but the welfare of all living things, through an understanding of our planetary interrelationship and of the power of goodwill to bring about constructive change.

To help strengthen the hands of the new group of world servers, the World Service Forum is a video series produced by Lucis Productions of interviews with servers who discuss aspects of their work, or of the work of the group with which they are associated, so that their efforts may be more widely known and supported. Included in the World Service Forum video series are interviews on "Filming the Nature of the Divine", "Organic Architecture: A Harmony of Spirit and Matter", "Natural Therapy", and "Democracy and the Spiritual Impulse Behind It", among others.

The World Service Forum is intended to affirm and strengthen the work of all servers by highlighting the right values and right relationships which are crucial to the evolution of our planet and all that lives upon it.

As we consciously align with the rhythmic pattern of energy flow each month, we become a part of a planetary meditative process carried forward at all levels of consciousness and with great creative potential for anchoring the seeds of the coming civilisation and the germ of the new culture.

"The point which I seek to emphasise, and which I hope will remain in your minds, is that this technique of meditation is the outstanding creative agent on our planet. When you, as an individual, are endeavouring to `build the new man in Christ' which will be an expression of your true spiritual self, meditation is, as you well know, your best agent; but the meditation process must be accompanied by creative work or else it is purely mystical, and though not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results." (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 202)