Group Service and Gift Waves

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One of the discoveries to be made by each person who aspires to serve humanity through meditation is that waves of energy or ‘gift waves’ are continuously breaking upon the collective aura of the serving group of which he or she is a part.  In meditation, consciousness is imaginatively lifted into a state of group awareness, and with time, the imagination evokes and is replaced by a definite impression; that is to say, the mind is touched by the energy of an aspect of the Plan that is seeking expression via the group life. Through regular group service meditations, the mind becomes increasingly adaptable to these impressions, developing related patterns of thought around them.

These ‘gift waves’ are forever changing in dynamic, tone and hue, but always they bring spiritual refreshment.  From the moment a person consciously identifies with a group meditation, such as a full moon or new moon meditation, a redemptive group meditation or a goodwill meditation, a tide of energy carries a measure of the Divine Plan’s light, love and power that can be safely transmitted through the aura into the surrounding environment. Though it takes perseverance to sensitize the mind to this group circulation of energy, the process is occurring to some extent regardless of whether or not there is a conscious awareness of it. This is because group service involves an unspoken allegiance to the soul’s purpose, and this automatically tunes the energy centres of the server’s subtle bodies into the spiritual ‘chord’ of the group aura. In this way, group service proceeds whether recognised in the brain consciousness or not.

If a conscious effort is made to maintain the link with these energies after the meditation is completed, the aspirant will be joining the ranks of those whose lives are dedicated to the service of humanity through the radiation of spiritual energy. Although it may sound difficult to achieve, in reality it is a relatively simple act of pouring out the love and joy that will keep welling up in the inner life in compassionate response to need. To keep this current of energy flowing, a vital interest in world affairs from the perspective of world goodwill is helpful. This awakens the heart centre and magnetically draws it to areas of need and in support of those skilled servers who are responding to it.  Appreciation of the efforts of these members of the group of world servers forges a link between their exoteric work and the worldwide meditating group in which the server of humanity is subjectively participating. The planetary bridge of energy that is forming between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the human kingdom is thereby strengthened through which aspects of the Divine Plan can be brought to fruition.


Cosmic Waves reproduced with permission from the artist, Wieslaw Sadurski