Restoring the Divine Circulatory Flow

Barbara Valocore

A talk given at the Arcane School conference in London, May 2010

The Divine Circulatory Flow; it is us and we are it. No human, animal, tree, rock or Chohan can be outside of the divine flow and all are in relationship, connected and bound together, through spirit and matter, life and breath. All forms, no matter how tiny, are part of the body of manifestation of the Planetary Logos; we are entwined in the flow of this Great Life and in some minute way He is affected by our actions and thoughts, in cooperation with or in opposition to divine intention and purpose.

The wholeness vision is rapidly emerging today, and 7th Ray energies are stimulating a newer sense of synthesis and a clearer recognition of relationships within the whole. The new vision can be seen unfolding in every field of human activity. People are demonstrating the understanding that if we poison the waters, the air and the earth, we are literally poisoning ourselves and our home, a truth indigenous peoples have known and practiced for millennia. "All my relations": the birds and animals, the waters and earth, the sky; everything. Likewise, loving and harmonious life affirming thoughts have a proven positive effect on the environment. Science has verified that feelings of love change the electromagnetic field of the brain and that this can be registered by other brains. The planetary field, the etheric field, is one field, one "pool of thought" and completely interconnected, affecting all and available to all.

One of the central principles of the newly developing Yoga of Synthesis is this idea of relationship, "the great underlying theme of our Planetary Logos." In new ways ordinary humanity is experiencing its various relationships and becoming aware of itself as a synthetic whole. Your economic crisis is my economic crisis. Events on one side of the planet, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, or oil spills affect people thousands of miles away and one can communicate instantly across the globe through the internet. This interrelatedness is seen especially through the lens of the global financial crisis, the disastrous effect of our long term wrong thinking about money.

The 7th Ray Ashram is in process of externalizing and the striving to understand the nature of synthesis and wholeness are all signs of its activity. "The 7th Ray is the relating factor between life and matter upon the form side", the Tibetan says; the Binding Force, and the influence of this powerful synthesizing force challenges us to realize that the densest forms are no less spiritual than the highest Cosmic Being we can imagine. The 7th Ray concretizes and controls the physical plane, producing the infinite forms of natural beauty in all kingdoms of nature. We especially value the beauty and geometrical perfection of precious stones, the crystalline forms that are the mineral life expression of God, and humankind has always been fascinated with all things gold, the most tangible representation of the money energy, unfortunately so often used to express our most base and separative impulses.

Today, especially in the US, the money question is central in the public debate. The horrendous abuses and scandals caused by an out of control and unregulated selfish materialism are being revealed by the powerful light of public opinion and an angry demand for transparency. The system is ripe for change and we can see the old and secretive ways of manipulating money for selfish greed unraveling with every news report. Ordinary people fundamentally realize that the flow of goods, services and capital in the form of loans and available money has been blocked and dammed up by corrupt, powerful and selfish individuals and corporate institutions. There is great pain and suffering due to the crisis of loss of homes and livelihoods, but this presents a tremendous opportunity to rethink our values and change our thinking. Relationships to the commons, of the parts to the whole, are being re-shaped and healed and habits are slowly changing to honor the new ways. We have to restore the flow of the money energy and the 7th Ray is helping to sweep clean our excess, destroying separatism and fostering oneness.

So, what is money? Money is solid, it’s precious gems and metals, gold and silver. Oil, livestock and land are all currencies. Money supplies us with the material aspects of living; food, shelter, clothing etc. and we most easily think of it in material terms, as something we can depend on, something we buy things with. But wait. It’s paper too, but not much else now. The paper used to represent gold stored in a place we never could see. We were told it was there and we believed that. Now, we’ve all agreed that a particular piece of paper is worth something, has value. You agree that because I’ve written a certain number on a check that it’s worth that amount of money to you and we’re all passing around little pieces of paper with numbers written on them. Now, with credit cards, we all agree that an electronic blip on a computer screen could be thousands of dollars or euros, and it just moved halfway around the world in one second. Money is moving faster, has become less dense and more electric, more pranic and etheric. We seem to be moving closer to an understanding of money as energy.

In essence, money is a mutual agreement and an agreement implies relationship. Money is a medium that brings us into many kinds of relationships and agreements and we all have some kind of personal relationship with money. In a very real sense, money forces us to deal with things at the most physical level and it provides opportunity to have proper relationships with matter and physical substance. Money has a unique ability to bring to the surface inner qualities that need to be examined and transformed, in the light of the soul, into the realm of oneness and wholeness. We usually handle it in some way on a daily basis, and when we do, do we use it or think of it as energy, as prana or as Hierarchy sees it, as "the consolidation of the loving, living energy of divinity"? Are we handling it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it? What would that look like? How would that feel? Are we ready to see money as divine?

The New Group of World Servers are holding up the vision of the new life and the new ways before all of humanity. It is the group that stands between Hierarchy and Humanity, is the group forerunner of the Christ and its members are responsible for creating the conditions through which the Christ can manifest, on both the inner and outer planes. The teachings emphasize the work of preparation as one of our primary duties, our only "life intention". Our work is to make the soul visible on the physical plane, to bring soul values "down to earth" and to create appropriate and beautiful forms and structures through which the soul can manifest and express itself, a 7th Ray process. Part of the work of preparation involves anchoring the idea of sharing firmly in public consciousness; "the principle of Sharing…. is a soul quality", and this spiritual principle is central to the restoration of the divine circulatory flow. Money is meant to move around, to circulate and flow. The world’s abundant natural resources rightly belong to all of humanity, not just a few big corporations, and occultly, all these resources belong to the Christ.

One of the characteristics of the new energies being released today is "a clearer vision of the Whole" and the good news is we can see many groups responding to these energies by demonstrating the spirit of sharing and cooperation through new agreements about money. There are more than 4,000 local alternative currencies flourishing alongside exchangeable national currencies. There are more than 12,000 eco villages worldwide, and Co-housing schemes are springing up everywhere. These are large and small land settlements organized around the principles of resource and currency sharing. People are exchanging time, air miles, and skills as currency and through barter and exchange are transforming relationships into loving modes of communication thereby practicing right human relationships. The newer philanthropists, and there are many, are funding projects that support social healing and oneness. The front page of the website for the grant making Kalliopeia Foundation states: "The time has come to affirm the fundamental unity of Humanity, to work for that which unifies us, and not what divides us". The mission of the foundation I started in 1992, the Lifebridge Foundation, is to "promote the concept of the interconnectedness of all life and one humanity" and it "supports transformative action in a changing world."

A particularly new way of working with money can be seen through the Rudolph Steiner Foundation, whose core mission is to "transform the way the world works with money." One of its central values states that, "the primary role of money is to serve the highest intentions of the human spirit." On the website of one of its projects called Reimagine Money and the Transforming Money Collaborative, there is an extensive resource list of organizations and individuals creating new agreements and relationships around money. These people, and many others are thinking deeply about money and their writings and group work are pioneering the new structures and the new Aquarian "money philosophies".

We are the esoteric group within the NGWS working subjectively on the inner planes, or at least we’re supposed to be! We are meant to perform a particular service in the preparatory stage of the Reappearance of the Christ. The rhythmic daily occult meditation work, the Triangles work, the new and full moon meditations, all these group services are slowly but surely evoking the energies of the Plan; of light, love and the will-to-good. Our shared work is to anchor these energies, to lay the groundwork and prepare the field for the emergence of the new energies of synthesis and wholeness brought in by the 7th Ray. Our work is to help stimulate the divine circulatory flow. In this regard, the Tibetan asks us to do 2 special meditations "at least" once a week: on Thursdays, the reflective meditation on preparation for the reappearance of the Christ, and on Sundays, the reflective meditation on attracting money for Hierarchical Purposes. These meditations, which act as a single unit, are a service for the Christ, the Hierarchy and aid in the redemption of matter and especially of humanity.

I think of all the meditations offered by the Arcane school, the Sunday "money meditation" gives many of us the most difficulty, or is perhaps the most confusing. Why are we asked to meditate for money? The powerful 7th Ray is challenging us to break away from centuries old habitual and wrong thinking, particularly that money is dirty or something that can’t possibly be used for spiritual purposes. The emerging energies are moving us to embrace new thinking and really know that the material and spiritual realms cannot be separate and apart. The highest and the lowest must meet, blend and fuse. We can no longer put money in a separate box from anything spiritual. Oneness thinking more than anything can restore the divine circulatory flow.

The deeply occult Sunday meditation evokes the spiritual will through love. The Tibetan suggests we begin the meditation by attempting "to feel true love sweeping through you", which immediately sets up an alignment with the heart center. For the whole meditation, love is central and it is crucial to feel the flow of divine love throughout. Love is the magnet. Love is the tool to attract money for Hierarchical work and we are asking for money in the name of Christ, with full faith in the response. We visualize a "flowing golden substance in the hands of the Forces of Light". This meditation also asks us to consider money, the concretized energy of divinity, in the highest and most abstract context and to dedicate it in meditation to the Christ. We voice an invocative prayer to "the power that can make all things new," we demand of this power to "turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world." And finally, the Sunday meditation reminds us that we must share; we won’t be able to evoke or attract money if we don’t share it, and small amounts do matter. We must give generously to put things right, to restore the balance, and to help in the preparation for the reappearance of the Christ, to foster goodwill and build right human relationships.

Human need at this time is very real; we can see it around us every day. One out of 6 people are hungry, and even in developed countries hunger is becoming a serious problem. Poverty breeding homelessness and disease seems to be getting worse and national debts are crippling governments. Money needs to flow and circulate to the least among us. We are told that "Need, love and magnetic power are the three things which…attract money."
We have seen through recent natural disasters how ordinary people can manifest large amounts of money
very quickly by giving small donations to relief agencies. Humanity does recognize the need and ordinary people give through love, and through the power of love, we are united and bound together. The work of world salvage can succeed although it seems the task is too huge. Hercules thought the task of cleaning the Augean stables was impossible, but through the insight and perspective of the soul, through creative, new and broader thinking, he succeeded. The Tibetan tells us in the book The Reappearance of the Christ that, "…the workers are there and the power to work is adequate to the need."

As we feel the tide of new life sweeping, divinely flowing through us, we are charged to work with renewed and sustained effort to meet human need with love, and begin to think in new ways and to handle the newer energies more skillfully, especially the energy of money. The Binding Force is moving us toward a clearer recognition of money as a loving and divine energy and as a vital tool in the work of restoration and redemption. We can all become philanthropists in the truest sense, that is lovers of humanity, and use our money to bring beauty and order to the world and to build a new and unified humanity.

Sri Aurobindo said, "Money is the visible sign of a universal force, and this force in its manifestation on indispensable to the fullness of the outer life. In its origin and its true action it belongs to the Divine." The binding force of love holds all things together and in the end, it’s not about the money, it’s about love.

* * * * *