April—June 2016

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Spiritual Leadership – Editorial
Today’s world situation requires soul-sized solutions that involve a response to ideas and impressions from the inner dimensions. People of goodwill from all walks of life play an important part in this new leadership, representing as they do the middle or centre ground. By expressing a positive vision, they help to quell the voices of extremists on both the political right and left and to counterbalance the dangerous myopia of religious fundamentalism. Thus the new Aquarian leadership is gradually incarnating. It is a group carrier of energy and vision emanating from those who resonate with some aspect of the Plan through to those who co-operate with it on various levels of conscious expression.

The Need for Telepathic Sensitivity – Djwhal Khul
The need for telepathic sensitivity in every discipleship group is based upon three necessities: the cultivation of an inter-relationship of a telepathic nature upon the mental plane. The time has now come when this group quality must – for the sake of a needy world – be developed by disciples of lesser attainment in the group; this unfoldment will lead to a greater sensitivity to others – the secret of a Master’s work; finally, this telepathic sensitivity will lead to the new science of inter-communication which will reach general use and comprehension. Of this condition, the radio is the outer physical symbol.   The article answers certain important questions in respect of this developing telepathic sensitivity.

Examining the Image of Peace – A Student
One image of peace we immediately have to dispense with is that warm and friendly sloth which springs to mind when we think of the opposite of war, and which can so easily descend into hedonism.  For a deeper understanding we can reflect instead on the energy wielded by that great Cosmic Life Who is overshadowing the Christ at this time – the Spirit of Peace – also called the Spirit of Equilibrium as He works with the Law of Action and Reaction, Cause and Effect.

Time: A ‘Divine Plaything’ – Leah Rae Lake

Timelessness is the relationship between time and eternity. How we look at things, how we see them is entirely ‘relative’. Aside from the systemic duality of spirit and matter, we see dualities as illusions and stand neither between nor above them. Eternity includes that which is both timely and timeless, just as Spirit includes both personality and soul. Everyone knows that when midnight arrives, 12:01 AM becomes not tomorrow, but today. Just as the past is immutable and subject to reinterpretation and rewriting, the future can never be experienced except hypothetically. All we enjoy is ‘now’.

The Perceiver on the Way: Humanity, Discipleship and the Fourth Ray – Kathy Newburn

The work of the fourth ray will be to enable humanity to see more clearly and this through the dissipation of glamour. Because of the present tremendous potency of the world glamour incident to the continuing clash between the forces of light and the forces of materialism, the astral and lower mental planes are clouded with waves of distortion preventing us from seeing things as they truly are. Instead we see “as if through a glass darkly”, seeing all things misshapen and through a condition of astral reversal.

Music without Borders – Kerry Woodward.

This is the intriguing story of an opera “The Last Emperor of Atlantis” that was composed in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in 1944 by Victor Ullman who shortly after died in Auschwitz. The manuscript survived however and found its way into the hands of Kerry Woodward who was able to prepare a performing edition. Several features of the work presented problems which were resolved when he consulted Rosemary Brown, the medium famous for being the amanuensis for Liszt and other composers who were by then on the other side of the veil.

The Sacrificial Value of Esoteric Triangles

In consciously transforming and geometrically reshaping the planetary etheric, Triangles workers are instrumental in magnetising the link between the Triangles network and the Hierarchy. Spiritual triangular patterns of energy sweep throughout the network from point to point precipitating a continuous stream of pure love from realms beyond the cosmic physical.

Unity – A Student

Sometimes it is possible to gain glimpses of the reality of unity in meditation, or at those times when engaging with the natural world, or through the appreciation of music or art. While a great connection with others or with the environment, or even levels of telepathy, may be experienced at these times, it is often still difficult to relate to the idea that all that exists is, in reality, One.

Voice of Conscience: The Life and Work of Attila József – Iván Kovács

In 1936 József wrote By the Danube, one of his longer poems. The poem’s perception of reality is so unique that legitimate equivalents can only be found in Oriental philosophy, and more specifically the higher states of consciousness as encountered in such Hindu scriptures as the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.


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