April—June 2015

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Editorial – Displaying Livingness
This issue of the Beacon contains articles which express this theme of resurrection in a variety of ways: the Levity which Easter brings; reflections on the nature of synthesis; a practical expression of the Will in a military forerunner; a scientific look at the dying process; and a creative approach to the problem of fear.

The Serving Disciple – Djwhal Khul
One of the great needs of all disciples and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life, discipleship and the Plan; the preserving of that open mind which is ever ready for the unexpected presentation and able (when the spiritual vision is strong enough) to achieve a quick reversal of all preconceived ideals. This must be done when it is deemed spiritually wise and it involves also that waiting attitude which expects the new vison to appear, the newer truths to emerge into formulated clarity and the new potencies to become increasingly effective.

The Upward Life – Christine Morgan
Before this ascension, the disciple struggles with an array of forces as he seeks to help his fellow human beings out of their very understandable confusion and dejection over the condition of the world around them. However, this is all part of the Great Illusion which can be overcome by lifting our gaze to the vision of the new world forming. Presenting this vision of reality is the task of the new group of world servers and, as we have seen, the human being can be nourished by ideas. When we are focused in the light of the soul the ethers become charged with qualified, electrical energy and the bodies are vitalised.

The Coming of the Revelation of the Law of Synthesis –
Michelle Pearce
The Law of Synthesis already rules the planet. The fires of life, which originate on the cosmic mental plane, run deep through all manifested subtle and dense forms of life. The coming revelation, already beginning to be perceived and expressed within humanity, involves seeing the underlying integral unity of all life and conscious awareness on the planet. Esoteric philosophy calls this life energy Lord Agni, it is the fire, the life that animates the form of the Solar Logos and that has created all life on this planet.

It’s a Myth that a Myth is a Myth –
Simon Marlow

In fact all myths embody truths which cannot be narrowed down to specific historical events or stories; they are true for all people and all groups over all time. Yet the concept of Myth currently has a significant problem. Today the generally understood meaning of the word is that it signifies something which is not true. This means that as a global society we are running the dangerous risk of collectively cutting ourselves off from access to these timeless insights. We need to try and reclaim the real meaning of the word Myth. We need to assert Myth’s priceless value. As a global culture we need to realise that indeed it is a myth that a Myth is a myth!

Mental Cages: Some Notes on the Fourth Ray – Michael Srigley
Throughout the world there are thousands of scientists devoting their intelligence and creativity to the invention of new weapons of destruction, insulated in their research but impelled by the very nature of their concentrated mental work to an unavoidable crisis of choice. Here and there a scientist takes a lonely stand and discovers in himself the courage to leave a well-paid job in the arms industry or in some well-guarded research institute for work which is for mankind and not against it. What is now required is for the thinkers of the world to pause from their thinking and lift their eyes away from the libraries and the laboratories, from their research papers and their costly instruments and to consider the world’s true need.

Dying: A Spiritual Experience as shown by Near Death Experiences and Deathbed Visions,
Part 1 – Dr. Peter Fenwick

Expectation could also play a part, as death always occurs within a culture and in Western culture the concept of soul and a departure to a heaven of peace and love is common. However, as we now move towards post-modern science, together with the recognition that as yet neuroscience has no explanation of consciousness (subjective experience), the possibility of transcendent phenomena around the time of death should also be considered.

A Proposal for a Center for Fear Control – David Spangler

Many of us do not live with such genuine terrors where our well-being is under daily siege. Our lives are not routinely threatened. For such blessing, we can be thankful. But living in relatively peaceful surroundings, we have the ability to go beyond the fearful images and subtle energies our society generates and tap the deep sources of joy, love, calm, and compassion. We can be Centers for Fear Control, standing in courage, standing in peace, and radiating those qualities into our collective unconscious in ways that those who do live under threat have a greater chance to feel their blessing. We are all interconnected, after all, and if these connections can spread fear, they can also spread calm and steadfastness, love and forgiveness.
Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery of Alamein: Master of the Battlefield, A Forerunner – Derek Fraser
At a time of real crisis Monty fulfilled his soul purpose and whilst there are harsh criticisms of him by some armchair historians who, in retrospect, took an intense distaste for Montgomery’s methods and his relations with his peers and superiors, their views are of little consequence from an esoteric perspective. His personality defects did not prevent him from being an outstanding warrior who worked on behalf of the forces of Light at a crucial phase of the World War.


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