April—June 2017

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Cycles of Opportunity and the Divine Will – Editorial
The Divine Will emanating from Shamballa is the impetus behind the annual rhythm of the three spiritual festivals, now drawing near. These focus our attention once again on the profound spiritual qualities which we know of as the light of the Buddha and the love of the Christ.

The Work of Illumination and Love ‑ Djwhal Khul
Students need to remember that all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolised by the ancient symbol of the point within the circle, the focus of power within a sphere of inf luence or aura. So it is today with the entire problem of ending the world glamour and illusion which fundamentally lie behind the present acute situation and world catastrophe.

Transmutation ― Bette Stockbauer
One of the most extraordinary stories in the history of knowledge is that of the dedication and investigative genius of those scientists who uncovered the secrets of radioactivity in the early decades of the twentieth century. Working in a time when scientific knowledge was just beginning to investigate the invisible world of the subatomic, it is a tribute to their imaginative flexibility that they forged ahead so ably before the exact nature of atomic structure and its constituents had even been discovered.

Opportunity for Hierarchical Servers ― Gloria Crook
It is of great importance that every disciple and initiate is aware of the vital need to adjust to the Aquarian energies that, along with the seventh ray energy, are coming rapidly into effect on planet Earth. We must develop an understanding of how these energies need to be employed for Hierarchical Service, as opposed to the ways in which the masses will be using the same energies in daily affairs.

Notes on Karma and the Law of Rebirth ― A Student
Reincarnation or Rebirth is accepted by the Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism and in part of the teaching of the Kabbala and Sufism. Although reincarnation does not now form part of the Christian teachings there was a five-hundred year tradition in the early Christian Church, mainly in the Alexandrian school. It is generally thought that the doctrine of the pre-existence of the soul was anathematised in AD 553 at the Second Council of Constantinople which effectively eliminated the concept of reincarnation from the Christian teaching.

The Subjective Life –What is it? ― Michael Galloway
Irecently discovered that I have a tendency to define the subjective life as the life of the soul on its own plane – that world which exists beyond, but outside of ordinary human living. What I tend to forget is that the life of the soul is ever present in all aspects of my daily life. The subjective and mundane are not two separate places, but rather each are reflected in the other.

The Way of the Artist ― Philippe Robert
When someone with a tidy mind sees such a place, it may appear as a huge mess, though of course to the engraver it is structured. This person will be likely to hold his breath before identifying it as a sort of wasteland! Yet, it is in this apparent disorder that the engraver through his talent will display the greatest precision. In fact he works in the world of the “small” and, particularly in some regions of Switzerland, the world of timepieces and watches.

Chrysalis & Emergence ― Joan Gifford
From ancient times, people have been fascinated by the night sky, and the moving lights of the heavens have given rise to the twin studies of astronomy and astrology. While astronomy continues to face us with the great wonders of the cosmos, astrology persists in expanding our understanding of the subjective realms and the energies of consciousness itself.

Friedrich Nietzsche - A Forerunner, Burned by his own Fire ― Anne Woodward
With brilliance, and an often graceful though sometimes bombastic style and biting sarcasm, he makes devastating attacks on German idealism, Christianity and conventional moral values; and due to the enormous resistance this evoked, the liberating part of his message often went unnoticed. Many people still shudder at his outrageous attacks on other thinkers, his call for ‘hardness’ and a ‘master morality’, and his supposed lack of charity, whereby ‘charity’ is then often mistaken for ‘pity’.

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