January-March 2017

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Editorial – Back to the Future
Moments of crisis climax with the clouds dispersing and the spiritual sun shining and revealing a new path in life. Even when the clouds close in again, as they inevitably do, the inspiration and vision that was experienced at the time can be recalled through an act of will. Hereon after, it is as if a magnetic compass has been set in our hearts, steering us back up the mountain towards reality.

The Ferment of Initiation – Djwhal Khul
The Birth Initiation lies behind in the experience of many, and this is factually proved by the lives of those who are consciously and willingly oriented towards the light, who see a wider world than that of their own selfish interests, who are sensitive to the Christ life and to the spiritual consciousness in their fellowmen and who see an horizon and vistas of contact unperceived by the average man.

A Different Kind of Space. Electric Tension and Sacred Space – From “The Electric Bridge”
Consciousness will never be discovered as a substantial “thing” with a specific location, even on the highest spiritual plane imaginable; for whatever plane life is functioning on, the dynamics of consciousness operate in the perceptual space related to that plane – a dimension apart from all others.

Reflections on Detachment – A Student

It is not enough for disciples to be able to master their emotional reactions and remain steadfast in mental detachment from the swirl of glamour. One must also be engaged in humanity through loving service, or that same detachment will lead to despair.

Towards an Age of Lighted Reason – Steve Nation
In order to resolve the problems of our time we need to be able to see and understand something of the wholeness of life; we need to be able to identify the livingness flowing through inter-acting, interdependent organisms, organs, creatures, species, peoples, nations and cultures – binding them together into whole systems, hierarchies and orders of creation.

From Aspirant to Disciple – Annette Morgan
As the aspirant ‘keeps keeping on’, with faith in those things not yet seen, and with occasional intuitive glimpses of higher truth, so he becomes an adherent to discipleship, discovering in the process a most definite changing reality. In the intermediate stages he is occupied with the achievement of a true sense of proportion, and a right inner adjustment as he faces in two directions: the inner world of Light and the outer world of darkness.

Resonant Triangles from a Martial Art Perspective, Part 2 Clarence Harvey
The martial art of the Soul is a dynamic activity intended to bring the note of the Soul into play in the field of the clashing sounds of the energy of lower Mars energy expressing through humanity. If this means that the martial art of the Soul is fundamentally a musical activity we nevertheless recognise that the phrase “Harmony through Conflict” suggests that harmony with the higher keynotes of human nature is preceded by the experience of clash between the higher and the lower notes.

Christianity; a New Role for the Modern Era – C. Aagaard
It is [the] ability to change that provides the hope that Christianity born in the age of Pisces will be perfected in the Age of Aquarius, and that as Alice Bailey writes ‘Christianity will not be superseded. It will be transcended’. In other words, the hope is, that Christianity will not be replaced but it will go beyond itself and rise above itself in excellence.

A Dream – Mary Turner (Bailey)
We reprint this poem, both as a tribute to Mary Bailey, who did so much to enable the Lucis Trust to serve in this transition time, and also because the poem speaks to the need for disciples to persist on the upward path on their return to the “Home” of the Soul.

Thomas Paine, a Forerunner – Stanley Lithco
Thomas Paine was an ideas man, a man with a strongly developed social conscience. As a forerunner he acted as a channel for the expression and communication of new energies and new ideas to meet the needs of his time and well beyond. As an instrument for the support of human evolution, Paine made a major contribution to the initiation, support and unfolding of events that led to new political freedoms and personal empowerment for many in the west and beyond as part of the Divine Plan for mankind.

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