January—March 2015

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Exploration, Linking the Past to the Future. Editorial
. .the current Rosetta may bring us important clues and new understandings about the origin of our planet and solar system, and in particular about the origin of life here on earth. The whole project provides us with a vision of hope and accomplishment amid the many conflicts and problems of our times.

Quality, the Hidden Influence Within All Forms – Djwhal Khul
The awakening aspirant begins to sense some of the beauties that lie unrevealed behind all forms; the awakened disciple lays the focus of his attention upon the emerging world of qualities, and becomes steadily aware of colour, of new ranges of sound, of an inner evolving and newer response apparatus which is beginning to enable him to contact the unseen, the intangible, and the unrevealed.

Reshaping Our Hierarchical Awareness – L. Rae Lake.
Just as we are blessed with the ‘ascending’ hierarchy of spiritual simplification (into Oneness), we remain subject to the ‘descending’ hierarchy of stimulation of strictly human, information-oriented intelligence and unaware of our salvation, and we often continue to take appearances seriously by buying into collective illusions associated with human aspiration. Fortunately, when we see through any illusion the spell loses its power to mislead.

Time and Soul –Katherine Hendon
The mastery of time is a dual process of resolving the past and the future into the present. The past embodies the habits, qualities, and experiences acquired and expressed in past lives. The future is the emerging tendencies, which are the result of soul contact. The past concerns the realm of personality; the future concerns the soul. Ideally, the present should be an adjustment between the past and the future. The esoteric goal is to bring the future into expression in the present, or to seek to merge the present with the future. Of course, before the realization of this latter goal comes a redemption of the past.

Levity: the Missing Half of the Cosmic Story –M I Finesliver

The term implies a lowering of the vibratory rate of pre-physical consciousness, resulting in the phenomenon of primal, potential energy and the formation of dense physical matter. And it has been an era in which the emphasis has been on the force of gravity, mechanical power and a predominance of the universal masculine principle. However, for some time this has been waning, and a shift is currently going on towards a levity-powered, expansive era of ascent out of matter, in which the emphasis will increasingly be on non-physical realities, lightness, rarity (the polar opposite of density), electricity, ‘mind over matter’ and the resurgence of the universal feminine principle.

The Evolution of Christianity – Christine Aagaard
These are all very encouraging signs and suggest that the unity and fellowship of spirit, that is the basis of all religions, is emerging in human consciousness. The Tibetan tells us that it is through the workers in the field of religion that the universal platform for the new world religion will be formulated. This, he tells us, will lead to great struggle within the churches themselves as the enlightened elements fight to spread their understanding of unity to others. This will lead to a backlash from the fundamentalists, the narrow-minded and the theologians in all the world religions who refuse to let go of the old interpretations and methods. This is clearly evidenced today in religion in general, not just in Christianity.

The Salvation of the Human Race – The Tibetan, Commentary by Gloria Crook
Scientists have performed many studies which prove beyond doubt that diversity brings benefits to all involved. The fact is that if you want to build teams or organizations capable of innovating, you need diversity. We have discovered that when we work together, our differences bring solutions to the fore. This is one example of how the Law of Love is being manifested at this time. We are learning to look beyond our personal experience to the experience of those differing from ourselves in sex, race and backgrounds, and finding solutions to many human problems in this expansion of perspective.

Earning an Advanced Degree or License as a Metaphor for Initiation – A Student
While in the process, one is subject to many emotional and intellectual, and spiritual upheavals. Doubts and fears emerge. Insecurities become apparent. Personality responses (resistance, attachment, fear) to events and developments cloud the vision. However, if one can step back from those individual events and view them from a higher perspective, the trail might be easier to navigate.

The Constitution of (Hu)Man: Introducing the Map of the Spiritual Territory – W Sterba
. . .without the knowledge of the constitution of man, an aspirant to higher consciousness dimensions begins with a severe handicap. That handicap is a lack of awareness of the makeup of the very instrument—the three-fold personality mechanism—that must be navigated in order to achieve the goal of a new dimension in consciousness.

The Law of Attraction – M E Haselhurst
Under the influence of the Law of Attraction, intelligence will be fused with love to produce a driving more powerful than desire; it will operate from the mental plane, and be linked to the soul, not to the emotional nature. Since the Masters do not operate from emotional levels, but carry on their work from the plane of mind, the importance of this change in motivating energy will be incalculable.

Tomas Garrigue Masaryk – Apostle of Truth – Bette Stockbauer-Harris
Tomáš Masaryk, was the founder and first President of Czechoslovakia. He helped liberate this nation from the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which had held a dominant position in European politics since the Middle Ages, until its dissolution after WWI. He was a man who is little recognized outside Europe, yet he was a rare, even unique, prototype of the philosopher-statesman, a leader who selflessly carried the expectations and future of his people.