July—September 2015

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The Changing Sense of Self — Editorial
Any spiritual exploration of the Self must therefore, at some stage, involve an opening of the heart and the expression of its essential nature. Two articles – “The Passage of the Heart” and “Experiments and Experience in Transmutation and Radiation” – focus on this with testimonies of the qualities of the heart in relation to personal crisis, pain and detachment.

Expanding Awareness and Entry into Freedom Djwhal Khul
We have not yet been able to catch even a glimmer of the vastness of the synthetic Plan for evolutions other than human, both superhuman and subhuman; nor can we grasp the fabric of God’s ideal as it underlies the sum total of the manifested processes, even upon our little planet. All we really know is the fact of the Plan, and that it is very good; that we are enfolded within it and subject to it.

The Pursuit of Identity Laurence Newey
Looking to the heavens we see the majesty of the spheres, rotating in harmony and spiralling forwards on the great pilgrimage with fire and light bursting forth due to the sonic friction generated by the great breath. And at some point, out of all this cosmic motion springs man, clothing himself in the material of the stars and bringing his invisible nature into view—roaming freely over the dense sphere of the earth and expressing himself through his own little system of rotating atomic and subatomic spheres. How the matter revolves within his system depends on the pressures he applies with his own spiritual breath—and the subsequent sound that coordinates their group relationships.

Passage of the Heart A Student
The symbolic representation of the soul in incarnation is the twelve-petaled lotus, with its three tiers of triple petals, tightly folded in its early stages. Each tier represents one aspect of human evolutionary unfoldment. Within the three tiers is that which is referred to as the “jewel in the lotus”, a representation of the monad, the source of inspiration to which the soul itself responds. As the human progresses it develops spiritual qualities which activate the successive unfoldment of each tier of petals.

Global Sharing and a New Economics A Student
Curiously, the fact of the one-Humanity is powerfully evident in the world economic system which is governed by the Law of Supply and Demand. The problem is that the fragmentation of business obscures this fact. If there were one global nation with one global business owned by the employees who are also the customers, it would become evident that there are 7.3 billion employees (ignoring age for the sake of simplicity) and 7.3 billion customers. Two things then become immediately apparent:

MERCURY — ‘Ruler of the Antahkarana’ L. Rae Lake
The sign or symbol, Mercury, invariably concerns energy relationships. It is the blessed impulse to help us identify our multitude of complex relationships with everything else in our hopefully ‘known universe’, both spiritual and material. It paves the road for Love. It usually refers to the intuition, while Venus refers to the intellect. Esotericists often perceive that the Venus-Mercury combination refers to lower and higher mind, and this is true as far as it goes. Venus is ‘the union of heart and mind’, and for practical purposes this fusion of love with intelligence is inherent in Mercury, for through Venus the mind includes the heart.

Experiments and Experience in Transmutation and Radiation A Student
The occult definition of transmutation is: “the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency of fire.” The definition of radiation is: “transmutation in process of accomplishment.” In other words, the fiery transmutation of one state releases or liberates aspects of life as energy as it is transmuted to another state. What is it that can be transmuted? What can’t be? We know that all physical matter can be transmuted to a different state—water to ice and then steam, rocks to sand and then particulates in water, and even the air is transmuted as it is absorbed and used by biological life. Plants transmute minerals in the soil into the energy needed to sustain biological life. And humans, of course, use all the transmutations found in plant and animal life to create and sustain life.

Dying: A Spiritual Experience as shown by Near Death Experiences and Deathbed Visions – Part II Dr. Peter Fenwick

Probably for as long as man has been aware of the certainty of death he has contemplated the possibility of survival. There is even nothing particularly new about the notion that people can ‘die’ and live to tell the tale. There are written descriptions of such events in myths and legends going back well over 2,000 years. But it was not until the first contemporary accounts of NDEs were collected by Dr. Raymond Moody (1973) that it was recognised that these were worthy of serious scientific study.

The Value and Significance of Tension James Mills
The value of ‘impetuous tension’ seems to signify the need for a fierce fiery focused aspiration towards a spiritual goal as an antidote to any negativity that might impede the progress of an individual or group. ‘Implacable’ is a word that comes to mind to describe this state of consciousness.


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