July—September 2018

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Editorial – An Obstacle Course
Perhaps a good attitude for the esotericist to develop is what Alice Bailey calls “A sudden recognition of the Warrior within, Who is invisible and omnipotent but Who can only now begin His real work when the personality is aligned, the crisis recognised, and the will-to-victory is present.” Pondering on this we come to recognise the invincibility of the good, the true and the beautiful, enabling us to cast aside the fears of the little self and take our stand together as souls in the light of the Plan and right relationships.

Radiation and the Seventh Ray – Djwhal Khul
Once the etheric body becomes an established scientific fact and the centres – major and minor – are recognised as the foci of all energy as it expresses itself through the human body upon the physical plane, we shall see a great revolution take place in medicine, in diet and in the handling of daily life activity.

Serpents in the Soul: Medea, a timeless story of love, fury and evil – Anne Woodward
The problem of evil is prominent in both philosophy and esoteric knowledge. We have to realise that the more monistic a worldview is (Spinoza, the Epicureans, Stoics and the Tibetan), the more difficult it becomes to explain the existence of evil. In dualistic systems (Plato, Plotinus, Descartes and Christianity), evil is placed in the world of appearances, in matter, or in the free will and its weakness. But in those systems where God is immanent in both matter and spirit, and thus in the whole and in ourselves, the question of why evil exists and why we can be overpowered by it, forms a philosophical problem.

Creating Networks of Light and Goodwill – Christina Kosmadaki
Man is increasingly revealed through the eye of science and imprinted through the latest digital depictions as a multifaceted coherent organism functioning through an extensive network of interweaving nerves, ganglia and neurons. The images of both the nerve pathways in the brain and those of the infinite universe strikingly show the amazing resemblance between these networks.

The Path, The Traveller and The Soul – Iván Kovács
Life is an ongoing process, and wherever we might be standing in our present lives, there is a long history behind all of us, a history that largely determines who we are now. The future might appear to be uncertain, but we can be sure of one thing, the shaping of it is ultimately in our own hands.

Grounding the Keynote of Brotherhood 128Clarence Harvey
We can explore the concept of brotherhood through a movement from its word form (as written), through number, and on into musical vibration. This journey can help us in the work of establishing the foundations of a new spirit of brotherhood which must replace the many cracks and burning fissures currently presenting seemingly insurmountable barriers to universal right human relations.

Hypertension: An Esoteric Perspective of a World Pandemic Andrew Griffiths
Hypertension expresses in a very simple way, the ‘mechanics’ of an inhibited soul life, expressing itself through the often inadequate ‘pipework’ of arteries of the human body. It is a group condition that highlights our resistance to the instinct of the soul to serve.

The Astral Challenge Kathryn Collins
As we transfer energy from the astral body to the mental body, we are doing a work of transmutation, transferring energies through the solar plexus, which functions as a clearing house, into the heart. Attached love becomes detached impersonal love.

Rachel Carson: A Forerunner at a Time of Ecological Crisis – Shideh Pouria
Carson’s prime concern in Silent Spring was with the future of life on Earth, calling on people to act responsibly as stewards of a living planet. She asked for change in the ways democracies and liberal societies operated so that individuals and groups could question governments on their ecological policies.


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