October-December 2016

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Editorial – Doubt and Liberation
Great doubts and fears have come with the tremendous changes currently sweeping in and it’s true to say that today’s world is in need of both love and intuitive vision to replace blind desires and fear driven doubt. While the intellect can prevent enlightenment, the razor sharp light of the truly questioning mind can dispel illusion and bring liberation – revealing the prejudiced, unnecessary and irrelevant restrictions of once-accepted rules and teachings.

The Process of Integration – Djwhal Khul
There are in the world today many truly integrated personalities. These, because soul and personality are integrated, can tread the Path of Accepted Discipleship. This is a most hopeful development, if you could but realise its implications and significance, and the question arises as to how the others who are as yet only in the process of reorientation can develop an adequate personality integration.

A River Between Two WorldsLaurence Newey
All of humanity is journeying together – strands of spiralling, loving energy within the stream of love divine. Circulation within circulation; all onward moving in life from one point of tension to another.

The Significance of VisualisationJohn Riesenman
As visualization skill grows, the urgency of mental plane orientation and mastery of the emotions becomes clearly understood. It is understood as well that use of the creative imagination and visualization for spiritual purposes is limited to the degree that the substance of the astral nature is impure

Europe, a ProphecyAnne Woodward
William Blake’s lesson is still accurate: our imagination and our sense of beauty and brotherhood must form the building blocks of a united Europe, not our materialism, fear or ‘cold reason’. Wealth and happiness are not in themselves uniting goals but are by-products of the will-to-good, brotherhood and art.

Scrutinizing the WillPablo Nichiporuk
So, what is the “Will”? Perhaps it is like an instrument, or means, used at long distance, and through which something, or someone, operates in our dimension. Above all, it is evident that there is something that provides the necessary energy that enables a material structure to live.


Resonant Triangles from a Martial Art Perspective, Part 1 Clarence Harvey
This article considers the nature of the Triangles work from three angles which bear relevance for ‘spiritual warriors’. These three angles are those of (a) energy – from the angle of the martial arts; (b) the use of the Great Invocation, viewing it as the Dojo Kun of the Martial Art of the Soul; and (c) the relatively unknown martial art discipline of Self-Musicalisation, described as a means through which the note of victory can be sounded by the group Soul.

Thank God for Atheists – Simon Marlow
This article examines atheism briefly from three points of view: as a corollary of materialism; as an antidote to religious superstition and scriptural literalism; and more esoterically as a feature of the transition from the fading 6th ray era of Pisces to the new incoming 7th ray dispensation of Aquarius.

Paulo Freire, the Educator of Humanity – A Forerunner – Ian Lee
According to Freire, the system of dominant social relations creates a ‘culture of silence’ that leaves the dominated individual or group unable to respond to the dominant culture and instils them with a negative and suppressed self-image. The learner must develop a critical consciousness in order to recognize that this culture of silence is created to oppress, which Freire famously terms ‘critical pedagogy’

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