October—December 2014

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Right Forgetting – Editorial

Against a backdrop of renewed violence and conflict, this year’s centennial anniversary of the outbreak of the Frist World War is being observed and its call for remembrance may seem to go against the spiritual injunction: “Forgetting the things which lie behind, we will strive towards our higher spiritual possibilities.” However, right forgetting is a crucial stage on the spiritual path in terms of our ability to forego everything we have known and it empowers us to eliminate all those forces that veil the real self.

And the Light is Ever Merged in Darkness – Anne Woodward
It is not for nothing that the devil is called ‘Lucifer’ (the Light Bringer). The human condition is indeed that the light is ever merged in Darkness. It seems of vital importance that we do not look on darkness and evil as hostile powers, but as integral parts of God, as far as we can know Him. The paradox here is that we must accept all that befalls us with gratitude, while simultaneously transforming it.

From Millenium Goals to Sustainable Goals – Steve Nation
The coming in of the seventh ray brings with it a building process. Seventh ray workers are builders, masons, carpenters. If we look around us it is possible to see the steady work of the new group of world servers building towards the new culture and civilization of synthesis, in which human beings are empowered to be free of hunger and extreme poverty. As a species and as a culture, we are in the early stages of learning how to do this—and of recognising that there are many ways of achieving a no-poverty world. In the United Nations this is most stunningly evident in a process, now well underway, of defining a new set of realistic, possible and practical goals for the future humanity.

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion: Part II – Jim Ryder
Is mankind on the verge of realizing that all is electricity as AAB wrote? Such a thought not only might explain what we see in the heavens but also throw light on such things as: the subtle energies proposed by the renowned early 20th century physicist Tesla, that telepathy must exist, and that the entire universe is connected. From the earth to the heavens, are we indeed on the verge of discovering new aspects of electro-magnetism that will revolutionise our world thought, as DK predicted? Will knowledge of the electromagnetic nature of the universe lead to the discovery of the Soul and make apparent the Unity that underlies All?

Visualization – Gustav Brügge
The power to visualize is the form-building aspect of the creative imagination and is essentially the thought energy of the mind giving life and direction to a visualized form. Through visualization the antahkarana can be built and a sense of synthesis and of vision can be reached.

The Way that Lies Between – Allison First
The significance of the magical, liminal interludes has always been pointed to in the ageless wisdom teachings: new moons, full moons, eclipses, dawn, twilight, equinoxes, solstices, and even New Year’s days. The razor’s edge, the Path, or the Way is not so much a destination as a presence, a consciousness, a point of balance and equilibrium that effortlessly flows and shifts between evolving states of realisation, and ferries us between one state of being to another. In this way the aspirant weaves the light between the between the two great lines of force—of spirit and matter—and thus redeems the world.

Humanity’s Place in the Universal Story – Nancy Connally
Our Tibetan Brother Djwhal Khul has written much about the path of initiation and the various stages to be discovered and accomplished on that Path. He also tells us that Sirius acts as the transmitter, or the focalising centre from which emanate those influences which produce self-consciousness in man. Sirius is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy is under the supervision, or spiritual magnetic control, of the Hierarchy of Sirius.

Abraham Lincoln: Forerunner – Deborah Hurley
Abraham Lincoln was not just a great thinker and orator, but simply lived by his words and actions. He displayed a soul infused personality that was infectious. He demonstrated so many soul qualities it was impossible to not be affected by his beautiful personality.