October—December 2015

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Editorial – Exodus
Everything in the universe is in a state of perpetual motion. Today we see this strikingly reflected in the exodus or mass movement of people desperately fleeing hostile and intolerable conditions. In this current exodus, and other world crises as well, we are seeing humanity’s spiritual maturity, compassion and skill in action being severely tested. Of course it’s not just in Europe or the hot spots of Africa, Asia and the Middle East where crises of human need and sharing exist. Everywhere there are local variants of existing global problems. How will these situations be addressed – with head or heart, or a combination of both? Will the search for solutions be shared? Will it be walls or bridges that are built?

The Healing of Humanity – Djwhal Khul
Humanity is, therefore, progressing rapidly upon the Upward Way, and two things can be looked for as a consequence: first, that the imperfections and evil (one latent and the other active though retreating) will become increasingly apparent to intelligent man, and secondly, that the mode of their elimination will also become known.

Spinoza and DK have both written about the freedom of the human will, and their contribution to this debate might be very helpful. First of all, I suggest that the term ‘free will’ is incorrect and misleading. The question is not if the will is free but if the man who uses this will, is free. The condition of freedom applies to the agent of action and not to the will. It is about the freedom of man. This makes the issue already a little clearer and allows the possibility that one man could be more free than another when he wills.

Occult Chemistry and the ESP of Quarks: Part I – Bette Stockbauer
In addition to these ‘discoveries’ [about atomic weights], which would have certainly earned a Nobel Prize had they been tied to the scientific method, Leadbeater and Besant recorded numerous descriptions of force and motion that were also then unknown to science. They each had distinct areas of expertise. Leadbeater observed the structural arrangements and counted the numerous sub-components of each atom or element. Besant dissociated the constituents and described the energy flow operating within the sub-atomic elements and between the atom and its environment.

The Forest of Volcanoes – A Student
The bell jar is the self-as-personality, changing as it expands. Group focus and service is therefore an inevitable part of spiritual development since it widens the borders of self (and self-awareness). A group of beings who are completely free of any bell jar-limitations, that is, focused entirely on the larger group, is implied as the potential. This is the inevitable Hierarchy of Masters, and the new group of world servers are those striving towards that.

Psychosynthesis and the Soul – Dr. Yoav Dattilo
We may contemplate the famous Renaissance fresco by Raphael, The School of Athens, as a “soulful” representation of the multiplicity of attitudes toward the soul. It is an imaginative landscape of the main archetypical themes of human thought, at least in the West. Plato and Aristotle are the central figures, and literally embody their philosophies. What mainly strikes is their posture, their bodies “speak”, and I would say reveal their different stance towards the soul and the world. Interestingly enough, in Raphael’s masterpiece the two protagonists and antagonists of Western philosophy seem to be reconciled in a visual and ideal synthesis.

Architecture and Sacred Geometry – James Mills
The Implicit expression of sacred geometry in architecture occurs when mathematical proportions derived from two dimensional geometric figures are used to configure elements of a building’s floor plan, facades and internal room volumes. This was given full expression during the European Renaissance based on ideas inherited from Greek and Roman texts and archaeological examples

Heart Disease, a Marker of Evolution – Fay Loomis
Problems associated with the awakening of the heart center are the commonest and frequently the most difficult to handle, as aspirants reach toward the good, the beautiful, and the true.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: a Forerunner – Vicki Abernathy
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was a remarkable woman. Her knowledge of oriental philosophy and esotericism was comprehensive. She began the great blending of Eastern and Western spiritual thought, which has been so important and necessary in the evolution of our race. She brought the truth of reincarnation to mainstream America. Her work influenced the thought of our society in art, literature and science as soon as it was published and is still affecting the world of thought today.


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